Friday, October 1, 2010


By Aqua Catlin

(Fref, where's my pink font?)

I’m addicted to hope. Hope my hair will get some pouf, life, volume, lift, body, action. Its a wild goose chase. Was amazed by raving reviews of the Clairol Herbal Essence hair products. For years I’ve only used professional products. Read: costing between $10 and $28 a bottle each for shamp and condish. Plus the cost of the brand’s “pouf maker” styling product.

With the renewed hopes of a new and fluffier mane, I was able to buy a "Hydralicious (yes they did) FeatherWeight" shampoo and conditioner, a "Body Envy" 2 in 1 shamp/condish (these are actually better for fine hair), and a Body Envy mousse all for less than $15. Wow.

There are trade-offs. At the lower price point you also lose dignity - "Hydralicious" hair. I had to have it.

...And I definitely do feel the difference from a professional product while I rinse, my hair feels somehow, hard and not really as smooth and conditioned. But I wake up the next day and my hair is still there, the world didn’t end and when its styled, it doesn't act that differently from the expensive professional products. (This reminds me when I was at the Chanel counter with my man. After 10 minutes/5 colors, we found the perfect, red gloss for $30 but they were out of stock. He let me know he could take me to .99Cent Store where they were sure to have red gloss in abundance. Now I see his point, in both cases, the price kinda matters, but then again, not so much.)

I don’t think the mousse is right for me. Makes my hair fluffy and piecy without actually being bigger. I do love John Frieda Root lifting product which definitely thickens my hair (!) in combo with the other products. I’ll likely go back and buy it in about 14 months when I finally get through all this Herbal Essence. (Or this weekend). And the shampoo and conditioner too, its not a miracle but works better than anything expensive I've tried.

When they come out with something new promising to give life and volumize, then I'll definitely pay for their whole line as well in the hopes it works. I’m already out of space for all the products in my shower but after discovering the irresistable torture that is this evil and wonderful page, I know I’m bound to buy and try everything till the end.

Wether or not I find something to give me big(ger) hair and while it is superficial to follow every lead on beauty and call it hair "care", if we value appearances and health, then ok. We can at least put our money where our mouth is. I look for perspective and find we're lucky that we have the resources to help others get there too.

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