Thursday, September 2, 2010

Australian Fashions

By Aqua Catlin

Just returned from a trip home to see my family and oldest friends in Australia. While I was there I was lucky enough to attend the Myer Spring/Summer Fashion Event with special guests Jerry Hall and Georgia Jagger. I thought Jerry Hall, who sat 2 rows ahead of me, was gorgeous and her femininity shines in person where I think it gets lost a bit in photos.

Myer is the Aussie equivalent of Macy’s but with worse shoe selection and a much, much better hosiery department. I spent 25-30 minutes in there 3 or 4 times buying up the tights from all the cute patterns, colors and quality. I love Australia…n hosiery and wish that here in LA we could compete. Fashion timing there is a bit backwards due to the seasons being flipped opposite from the rest of the fashion world and I’m told its difficult to get stock imported. Doesn’t matter, they have really talented Australian designers and that’s in line with the other popular fashion, “Buy Australian”.

The show, where we mingled easily with Australia’s celebrities, sports stars, media and fashion’s powerful people was great fun and fancy with plenty of straws to drink your champers with and concrete to stand on in your 7inch heels. Ouch - another champagne, no straw, please. The gift bags didn’t hurt as much, though travelling, I had to leave half behind.

Please have a look at the show and designers' work here:

Also had the opportunity to meet with the Harper’s Baazar Editor (Australia), the lovely Edwina McCann in their offices. I ate the candy, then asked for work.

I’m prepping a shoot here and barely have time to sleep, (not very glamorous), so I'm surely leaving out many fabulous details but didn’t want to be forgotten for my blogging negligence.

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melisa said...

thanks for sharing the link to the show Aqua - very interesting how the men's line was a completely different palet from the women's.

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