Friday, August 6, 2010

five questions about a comic-con costume - 4 of 5

by frédérik sisa

More q&a with Anna...

4. What response did your costume get at Comic-Con?

It went over really well! I knew to expect (and brace myself) for people stopping to ask me for pictures and stuff, but I was not expecting other people in amazing costumes to start screaming in delight over how amazing it was. Especially when I was starting to walk away, to hear them still going on to their friends how awesome it was.

It was also fun to see people get more excited the more details they noticed. The hat is pretty immediate but not that it lights up when I speak. People loved the gloves and several people who noticed the Dalek mutant squid necklace I'd made squealed over that too.

It was especially hilarious for me to be noticed by people who were *not* Doctor Who fans. I had several people come up and ask "What are you dressed as? A Dalek? I don't know what that is, but you look awesome" or "Hey! Awesome steampunk outfit!". It was completely unexpected, haha.

I also wore it two days in a row (Saturday and Sunday). Saturday I was at a few Hall H panels and asked questions, so hearing the entire audience giggle/murmur in delight when I was on screen was overwhelming. Getting the panelists (the director of Resident Evil and the moderator of the Paul panel) to comment on it was particularly stunning. I thought that was awesome enough, but then the next day people recognized me from the costume/panels and approached me to say how awesome my questions were. I was not expecting that, either! Complete surprise side-effect of the costume, haha.

Sunday was the Doctor Who cosplay meet-up, and everyone up there loved it. Other people whose costumes were amazing, that I was like "ohhh, I want a picture with them!" came up to compliment mine and ask for a picture. Mind blowing!
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