Wednesday, August 4, 2010

five questions about a comic-con costume - 2 of 5

by frédérik sisa

Here's the next question-and-answer with Anna, the Dalek Lady of Comic-Con. :) You'll find question one here.

2. What challenges did you face in translating a character that appears as a robot-like shell into a practical costume?

This was an adventure, haha. One major challenge was that I've never made clothes before. The last time I'd done a true sewing project was in Home Ec class in middle school, over 10 years ago.

My biggest challenge was compromising with myself on screen accuracy vs practicality (of wearing it and creating it). I had to constantly remind myself "okay, this is a fabric dress you will wear. It's not made of metal or even wood. It won't keep its exact shape. Just get the point across."

So I focused on what the biggest defining features were. The dome with lights and eye stalk. That I knew right from the beginning would be a hat, because I was not sacrificing anything there.

I figured out early on how to do the skirt, so aside from being very time consuming, it wasn't too difficult. The top part, though, was so frustrating and problematic that I actually gave up on it for nearly a month. I couldn't just do straight lines, like with the skirt. Trying to get it to properly fit all my curves, without being too baggy or too tight, was a huge challenge.

A lot of things I referred to girls who'd previously done it. I'd look up pictures online to see how they tackled certain elements what what sort of compromises they made. Some of them who were available, I'd ask how they did something or what they used. Everyone is super nice and helpful and encouraging. :)

A minor challenge was finding the supplies to fit my vision. It took me months and several failed attempts to find a proper base for the hat, proper housing for the dome lights, etc. All the tiny details were the hardest to get together.
Question three posts tomorrow.

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