Tuesday, August 3, 2010

five questions about a comic-con costume - 1 of 5

by frédérik sisa

Strictly in the interests of time and space - and as an experiment - I’ll be posting each of the five questions of my interview with the owner and creator of the fabulous Dalek costume you see above over the next five days.

So, without further fanfare I'd like to introduce you to Anna:

1. Why a Dalek?

Last June (2009) is when my good friend finally dragged me (practically kicking and screaming - he got me when I was trapped at his house waiting for laundry to dry) into Doctor Who. I'd resisted for a long time, as I tend to do with new shows, but I was interested 15 minutes into The Christmas Invasion. By the time the Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS near the end, I was hooked.

I blew through series 1 and 2 in a weekend. 3 and 4 I watched with him (since he hadn't seen them yet either) over the next two weeks. A few weeks later when we hit Comic Con, I was still in the honeymoon phase of my passionate obsession. David Tennant being there was awesome. Since it was the end of his run and my first Con as a Who fan, I noticed a LOT more Doctor Who cosplay than I had previously. Specifically I saw a lot of Dalek girls. I thought that was awesome. I wanted to dress up as something and started planning for Halloween. I knew I wouldn't do any versions of the Doctor, since girls cross-dressing as male characters is a pet peeve of mine (I have no idea why). Didn't really want to do the companions because I didn't feel comfortable matching their body types and their outfits are not "Hey, that person is wearing a costume" except to fans of the show. So I thought "I love Daleks, they're my favorite enemies. These girls have awesome Dalek dresses.. maybe I could be a Dalek."

Shortly after that I walked past David Tennant in the hall and had a major brain meltdown. I didn't even function enough to say 'hi!'. Just froze until he was out of sight, then pointed and made a high pitched noise for a few minutes. My only thought during that brainfreeze was "omg if I were dressed like a Dalek right now, he would've noticed me and said hi." So that pretty much sealed it.

It solved my problem of needing a Halloween costume and also fed my nerdy fangirl attempts at celebrity attention, haha. And it's a bit unique. There are all sorts of superheroines and Doctor Who characters at Comic Con or Halloween parties or whatnot, but a Dalek is a bit more memorable and as such, was something that really kept me motivated during the rough spots.
Stay tuned for Question Two, posting tomorrow...

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Melisa said...

great costume - i love the telling of the fangirl moment of passing David Tennant in the hall . . .

Frederik Sisa said...

Yeah, that's a great story. :)

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