Tuesday, July 20, 2010

there's nothing like a good belt of...accessories

by frédérik sisa

There’s nothing like a good belt in the mornin’ to start the day right. And no, I’m not talking about Aunt Millie’s “special coffee.” I’m talking about that good ol’ strap that keeps trousers up and gives Mr. Old-Fashioned Suspenders a good kick in the, well, pants.

As silly and obvious as it is, belts are easy to take for granted. I know. I’ve been taking belts for granted a long time, except for their anti-gravity character. But as ladies know, belts offer great opportunities to express some style. This is especially special for us guys, who suffer from the challenges of a limited selection of styles. In short, it’s worthwhile to take advantage of accessories like belts to dress up an outfit that might otherwise be rather ordinary. Case in point: here’s me, trying very hard to offer a fashion photo but looking instead like a twerp on the modernist set of a sci-fi movie. Never mind that; check out that belt.

Shirt: Shepler's
Belt: Amalfi
Jeans: Levi's
Sandals: Impulse

It never would have occurred to me to get a white belt. I mean, white? Black, yes. But white? Nevertheless, while browsing the belt selection at Macy’s one fine day I saw it and poof, it seemed like a great idea. The brand is Amalfi and, other than having a really nice buckle, it offers another advantage: it’s reversible. White, black – yeah, I can get a lot of style mileage with that kind of flexibility. The white, however, offers a nice pop of contrast that I quite like.

However, to avoid just having a strange splash of white on a typically black canvas, I’ve taken to pairing it with shirts that have complementary details. The cowboy shirt I’m wearing, for example. Although it’s not very clear in the picture, it has these nifty little white pearl buttons that work with the belt to create what is, in my view, a coherent look. I know, I know, it’s kinda silly, but I just love how something as simple as a belt can really make a difference.

Of course, I’ve been appreciating the power of belt buckles. But there’s a rule: with great belt buckles comes great responsibility. I mean, take a look at these bad boys:

(Maybe it's me, but I'm sensing a theme.)

I’m pretty sure these are tame in comparison to what’s out there. Still, the prime lesson I’ve learned from them: don’t wear flashy, even garish, belt buckles on a monochromatic canvas of clothes unless you want to scream “cod piece.”

So let’s see. White belt. Belt buckles. Yeah, I think I’m getting quite the appreciation for the statements the most humble of accessories can make. How about you? I’d love to hear your ideas on how to use accessories to punch up an outfit. I might even feature your ideas in a future post…

One more thing: the sandals.

Sandals: Impulse

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