Tuesday, July 27, 2010

costumes of comic-con 2010

by frédérik sisa

Aristotle won't knock at the door with a prize for pointing out that the difference between costumes and style is identity. Still, it's rather interesting to think how even when dressing up as someone or something else, one's personality can still show through.

Illustrating this nicely is Comic Con, which I attended for the first time. It was a wild and, yes, wacky day of roaming the exhibit floor and attending cool panels.

In spying out interesting costumes, I noticed the following:
  1. Women dressed up more than men.
  2. When men dressed up, they tended to conceal their faces.
These aren't absolutes, of course, but it was still interesting to note who did and didn't dress up, and the amount of effort that went into the costumes.

Costumes fell in different categories. The first had quality and were well executed. They also had that fresh from the store look, which meant they suffered from being familiar and "easy." Note that clicking on the images will embiggen them.

Jawa and stormtrooper


Silent Hill Nurse (good posture and makeup!)

From the blue arrow on the guy's head, I'm guessing Avatar: The Last Airbender? No clue about the woman in the white uniform.

Link and friend. I don't know who the friend is, but she nevertheless has a rather cool costume.

Then came the costumes that relied on natural attributes more than any original design.

Anime character? Cosplay? The contact lenses are a nice touch.

Green Lantern and Green Arrow (?)

Harley Quinn, whose shopping we apparently interrupted.

Because no gathering of geeks (I use the term affectionately) is complete without women dressed as enslaved Princess Leia. Strangely, these were the only two I saw.

The most interest costumes required bit more elaborate DIY efforts to avoid that store-bought look and even solve practical problems of how to convey the character without the benefit of a huge budget.

No clue who these characters are supposed to be. But they sure look neat.

Again, no clue who this fearsome masked fellow is. Sign of bravery: walking around the convention center in bare feet.

I suppose this might fit in the previous category, but you gotta admire how this guy really went all-out with the make-up and body paint to look like Darth Maul.

Surprise, surprise. I have no idea what this character is supposed to be. The costume is too cut-and-paste to gel together - it looked very fussy. Still, effort obviously went into it and that counts for something.

I have a feeling I should know who this character is, but that's about all I have. Beyond that, this is an ingeniously and stylishly assembled costume with good attention to detail.

By far my favourite costume among those costumes I saw belonged to this cheerful young lady, who chose to dress up as a Dalek from Doctor Who. (Based on the colour palette, I'd say a Dalek from the new series.) What I find especially clever is how she used a dress and hat to convey the body and dome of the Dalek, complete with distinctive eye stalk, and used her arm for the equally distinctive Dalek death-ray plunger. Better yet, unlike other costumes that involved carrying props or being encased from head to toe in something restrictive, this costume was eminently practical for enjoying the convention.

So there you have it. If you went to Comic-Con and have some photos to share of your favourite costumes, please feel free to share. I'll put them up in a future post.

All images taken by me, and no, I won't quit my day job to become a photographer.


Chad said...

Ok, So I can help you out with a few of these...

Pic #4 IS Avatar The Last Airbender. They're in Book 3 outfits for infiltrating the Fire Nation

the woman in white is a character from Xenosaga or Mass Effect. But I'm almost sure its Xenosaga

Pic #5 I wanna say the woman to Link's left is the titular twilight princess, but without cheating with google I'm not 100%

Pic#13 is Issac Clarke from Deadspace, tho I had to zoom in 'cause it also looked a rather patchy Boba Fett in the thumbnail.

All the anime ones are cool but I can comprehend the weirdness in those stories so I stick to "western" geek.

Frederik Sisa said...

Thanks for for the help, Chad. And I since I have no problem with using Google to cheat, you are right, that is Midna the Twilight Princess. That's a very distinctive character design, I have to say.

Anndor said...

Yay, thanks for posting my Dalek! :) You are correct, I was inspired most by the RTD-era Daleks. I did get a lot of "Hey, awesome steampunk outfit!" from people not familiar with Doctor Who, so it had a double-effect, haha.

I can help out with a few as well:
The girl in white with the blue hair, I'm pretty sure, is Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
The two in the black with red clouds are Kisame (blue face) and I'm assuming Itachi (since they travel together in the original source material) from Naruto. If not Itachi, it's another member of Akatsuki. The guy between them looks like some sort of weird Samurai Darth Vader.

I love the different genre Darth Vaders, like the chef one and the leisure one, haha.

Frederik Sisa said...

Hi Anndor! Thanks for the help with the characters, and for putting together such a great costume! That's funny about the steampunk double-effect. :)

I think I saw the leisure Vader...he was hanging out with a pimp daddy Boba Fett. And did you see the Elvis stormtrooper? lol

Anndor said...

I did not see Stormtrooper Elvis this year, which is quite distressing! It's tradition for my best friend and I to get a picture with him. :(

We definitely got our pictures with Leisure Vader and Fett, though. :D

Anonymous said...

"I have a feeling I should know who this character is, but that's about all I have. Beyond that, this is an ingeniously and stylishly assembled costume with good attention to detail." I could be wrong but me thinks #14 is Steampunk Iron Man!

Frederik Sisa said...

That's a rather intriguing idea, Anon. I'll have to research that. Thanks for the comment!

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