Friday, July 9, 2010

Buzz-cuts for Jesus??

By Aqua Catlin

I'm giggling and probably shouldn't be. I once posted that I disagree with the potential French ban on the burqa in France. See this article. I still feel the same. I understand that some think its a security threat, but with so few women, (only 1900 in the entire country), donning the thing, I think it would've been more secure to leave the whole issue untouched rather than bring it to the news and public. And I know some of the French feel that its not liberal to allow women to be covered. I still feel that Muslim women living in France choose to wear it and its their freedom to choose it.

In a free country, women and men should be able to dress as they please within limits of decency. So, bikinis, sheer fabrics and mini-skirts are within the law, fanny packs, pleat -front trousers and sneakers with jeans are outlawed.

Latest on this is an article on yahoo stating that the Iranian government is asking men to adhere to certain haircuts and to wear a beard. The grooming guidelines come complete with helpful barbering photo demos for different kinds of hair, curly, for example.

Intolerance on hair! This is the opposite of the burqa issue, it is not about personal choice and liberty like the burqa issue, its about control, tradition, control, Islam and control. I like a nice buzzcut myself but this is a scary lack of liberty for the individual. Check it out here or just check out this sad but funny picture from Associated Press... Love the Travolta look. Wonder why France doesn't insist on banning that! Hilars!

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