Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oye Modern: love me some bling

by frédérik sisa

This Australian retail website, Oye Modern, specializes in unique short-run jewelry designs, many featuring cool recycled materials. Used camera parts turned into eye-catching cuffs, for instance, like this $215 bad boy from re: vision.
Recycled or not, though, it's the designs that stand out.

Kristina Burke's Daisy Pendant ($241) is an attractive, elegant item:

This $307 limited edition turntable ring by Darkcloud Silver is wonderfully quirky yet stylish too, the perfect accessory for an audiophile.
And how about a quirky alternative to a bolo, courtesy of Cynics? That's right, a zipper priced at $61:
This item is pretty neat in concept: a speech balloon blackboard brooch by Zoe Brand - $105 - on which you can chalk whatever you want.
All in all, an impressive selection of unique and beautiful jewelry, with the added bonus of many unisex or male-minded items, as helpfully listed in a distinct "For Men" section. (So nice to be included!) But, did you see those prices? Almost all the comments left on Oye Modern's website about the brooch, for example, thought it was too expensive. Jenni Oye's reply is not unreasonable - these are highly crafted, short run pieces. Knowing a thing or two about art and the work that goes into it, I have to say that we are, indeed, too accustomed to buying cheap stuff at the mall or, as one commenter put it, Wal-Mart to be willing to pay a price that fairly reflects the amount of effort an artisan puts into his or her work. I will add, though, that I think the zipper idea, however cool, strikes me as a fun DIY project...

So what do you think? Is there anything at Oye you'd happily shell out some of that hard-earned green of yours for? For my part, there are quite a few pieces out there that catch my eye, and I just love to see independent designers get a forum to show their stuff. Bravo, Oye. Bravo.

Note: Images borrowed from the Oye Modern website for illustration purposes only.

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