Tuesday, June 1, 2010

new shoes, new shirt - new...service?

by frédérik sisa

Well, despite my misgivings I've come to the conclusion that I can't just show you my latest footwear acquisition without giving you the sartorial context. And, as it happens that I got a new shirt, the decision to go the full-ensemble was inescapable. I still don't like getting my picture taken, but for you, dear readers, I will make sacrifices.

Shirt: Calvin Klein
Jeans: Levi's 501

Shoes: Kiwi

Skull Pendant: some renn faire trinket
Sunglasses: Revo

So what we have here is, I suppose, a classic guy look: shirt and pants. For a long time, I was just about t-shirts and jeans, until I got tired of lazy dressing and decided to put some effort into it. Being a bit of minimalist and not prone to getting fussy with clothes, the trick has been to balance simplicity with style. Typically, this has meant details: shoes, jewelry, watches, even hats. For quite a while, now, this has mean picking more interesting shirts, like the Cubaveras and cowboy shirt. Lately, though, I've been revisiting the dress shirt and experimenting with the possibilities. I rarely want or need to wear ties, so the stiffly formal look is one I don't typically need to bother with. But a nice shirt with black jeans and rolled-up sleeves is in just that right place between casual and formal. Add a stylish vest and voila, a layered ensemble that looks and feels great.

For the most part, I keep the vests for occasions that require more oomph. Most days, it's just a nice shirt and pants with some spiffy accessories to pull it all together. Like the shirt I'm wearing in the picture, a great Calvin Klein number with "épaulettes" and, my favourite bit, concealed buttons. Check it out:

Shirt: Calvin Klein
Skull Pendant: some renn faire trinket

It's a streamlined, sleek shirt that rewards the observer with classy detailing. Interestingly, this is about the 4th or 5th piece of Calvin Klein apparel I have. I'm beginning to appreciate CK's design strengths, especially when it comes to offering men good quality clothes with just enough of an edge to satisfy picky guys like me.

Shoes: Kiwi
Toe rings: Barefoot Bling (also see here)

Finally, what I've been leading up to: the shoes. Kiwis, of course, which means custom fit, incredible durability, and classic styling. I love the minimal look with the toe loop and upper strap, and love how they fit like a glove. A great alternative to boxing feet into shoes.

The lesson I've been learning is that however feeble men's fashions can be in comparison to the dizzying array of women's fashions, it's always possible to find something if one looks hard enough and keeps an open mind.

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