Wednesday, May 19, 2010

j.jill in three words: colors, summer, fantastic

by frédérik sisa

Sorry for the delay; I'm suffering from a case of the scatter-brains this week. Which means I'm going to go easy on the text and bring to your attention J. Jill's summer collection. The kind folks in J. Jill's publicity department sent me a link to a lookbook sometime ago, so I would be lacking in manners if I didn't mention here. Besides, it's a great collection and if you haven't checked it out yet, I'm putting it out there for you.

Colour is the name of the game, and we find the signature clean lines boosted by vibrant splashes. Linens keep it comfortable for summer; canvas is the material of choice for espadrilles. And layers? Oh yes, there are layers, with all the mix-and-match possibilities they promise. I'm really digging these looks, which make me wish that the weather here in LA would stop screwing around and settle on warm already.

What about you? How are you getting ready for summer?

Note: Images borrowed from for illustrative purposes.

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