Tuesday, April 27, 2010

like a magpie with pretty sparkly things

by frédérik sisa

I like shiny sparkling things as much as the next person, which is why this week I thought I’d share a few discoveries from the big, huge, gigantic world of jewelry.

First up, Lia Sophia. The premise is simple and devilishly clever: parties. Think Tupperware parties, only with pretty sparkly things at a fiendishly accessible price point. Can you picture it? All the girlfriends gathered together ‘round the catalog and a bevy of lovely samples…I’m not trying to be Billy Mays for Lia Sophia; I just have to admire the business model, which uses the old-school kind of social networking (you know, with actual people instead of computers and controversial privacy issues) with a dangerously generous (and effective) incentive structure for party hostesses.

But it’s really all about the catalog, which contains a variety of styles from modern to traditional, sculptural to crafty, as well as the usual selection of metals (silver, gold, mixed). My wife bought a few items from the collection (and received a few through Lia Sophia bonuses and incentives). Here’s three:

They all look great and have good quality. All in all, Lia Sophia delivers good value with a great selection. The only downside, other than the risk of ending up with too much jewelry (is that a downside?) comes from my understanding that the jewelry is made in China. Call me a localist; how much cooler would it be if Lia Sophia products were locally, regionally, or even nationally made? Of course, since everything is made in China these days, well…between that and Lia Sophia's unsuccessful attempt to have jewelry for men in their catalog, the lesson is that sometimes you have to take what you get. Sometimes.

Next up: a man who needs no introduction. The inimitable and iconoclastic Edward Gorey through the Gorey House Store. And a question: Don’t you just love it when the work of one of your favourite artists is made into bling? And are we still using the word “bling” or have we moved on to something more sensible?

Books, postcards, lunchboxes, and, of course, beauties like these:

Alas, no Figbash or Bahumbug, no Black Doll or other creatures. But I may have to get serious and consider wearing shirts that allow for cufflinks like these:

So that’s about it. No real point to this week’s post…then again, pretty things don’t always need to have a point other than being pretty. What’s your bling? If you could have jewelry inspired by an artist, which artist would you choose? Comments are open below!

Note: Images from the Gorey House Store are borrowed from the store website for illustrative purposes. All other images in this post taken by yours truly.

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