Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For Frederik

By Aqua Catlin

This...thing was in my inbox today. I'm posting it for Frederik, (who's turn it is to post so slipping in this small tributary post for him), who loves clogs and all shoes that I do not. Fref, a summer clog for you and its something new that you haven't seen before, I hope. Plus I'm on a shoot so may be a couple weeks before I pop up again. For a closer look and another view, you can check it out here. I'm not seeing the value with the $250 price tag because it looks cheap and fabric-y to me but perhaps there's something I don't know and somebody will love it, particularly Frederik:This overdone and wonderful Versace fantasy was also in my inbox today for me, THANK YOU ShoeBlog! Makes me want to go boating. And when I say that, I mean posing on a yacht, in these shoes while drinking champagne cocktails. Ahoy mateys.


Frederik Sisa said...

Is that really a clog? Either way, the shape is interesting. The animal print...not so much. I do like the Cuban heels, though. :)

There is no doubt in my mind about the Versace, though. And nothing left in my stomach.

Aqua said...

Well, it feels cloggy to me. And I love those metal deets on the Versace, so go and get clogged.

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