Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Survival Straps: interview with kurt walchle (part 2)

by frédérik sisa

This week I bring you part 2 of my interview with Survival Straps' Kurt Walchle. It turns out that it's only one question, but hey, it's all about the future. The future counts for a lot. You can catch up on Part the First here.

So far, you have bracelets, anklets, dog collars, rifle slings, key fobs, watch straps, belts…even a “germ grenade” hand sanitizer holder. What’s next for Tough Gear Inc and Survival Straps?

We have big plans for this year. We will be launching a pink line which a portion of the proceeds will be benefiting Breast Cancer Research. We will also be launching our "Thin Blue Line" gear which will be benefitting a fund that supports the families of fallen police officers. We are super excited about these two lines. As far as additional products, we will be adding Guitar Straps, Tactical Camera slings, Hat bands, Dog Leashes, and a couple of other top secret items which should blow people away! Stay Tuned!
Sounds like big plans indeed.

Many thanks to Kurt for taking the time to answer these questions, and kudos for expanding the range of good causes!

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