Monday, March 1, 2010

The Good Life

By Aqua Catlin

Jean Paul Gaultier is in Target!!! Girls only. He's done a collection for each of his muse's personality.

They are Punk, Hollywood Glam, Ingenue, Hip Hop and Rock N' Roll. The looks will be available next week.

I'm in love with Hollywood, Ingenue and a leather jacket with millions of details in the Hip Hop collection. Just what I've been wanting with all this weather.

As you know, JPG designed
Madonna's infamous cone-bra corset leotard and followed up by doing a version of Classique and Le Male, fragrances with a tribute collectible version of Classique. And while I love the man version, I've never smelled Classique. Anyone?

Gaultier has designed for so many musicians -(Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Kylie), he really is the rock and roll designer, and being a music lover, its so exciting to have access to his looks. He's also been a Costume Designer for many films and a fashionoclast in general. He keeps finding ways to be creative.

Target's been doing an amazing job of bringing on big name designers, most recently Rodarte. I could wear this one every day and night (sans military boots) respectively. Leopard print belt on powder blue = love.

I find Target never has anything in stock less than a size 8 so its frustrating but I will be having an in-store tanty the salespeople if they can't sell to me from this line.
I don't think Ralph Lauren would ever do a line as accessible as Target because of their outlet stores but I look forward to seeing Target top this! If Tom Ford does a line I will die a happy and chic woman.

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Frederik Sisa said...

Jean-Paul Gaultier. Who'da thunk it? Very cool. Target is really differentiating itself from you-know-who with their focus on designers.

I can see how the military boots wouldn't be your style. Clogs, however...;)

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