Friday, March 26, 2010

Shop Around

By Aqua Catlin

I went to shop the Jean-Paul Gaultier collection for Target. With a girlfriend, which was fun. I shop so much on my own for projects and characters and it keeps me painfully in my head so much so that its hard to want to shop for myself. I have my own couple resource shops I go to knowing they'll have something I love and I can be in and out and beyond that, I'm challenged. I'm really not trendy. I'm so into "looks" and classics so shopping at the standards can throw me off a bit. One day I'll tell you all about Nancy who I have on speed dial and her shop Le Joli off Melrose in West Hollywood. Its the little shop I could. And if you're like me that's wear you belong.

But I didress. We did a girl day and got makeup, shoes, clothes, lunch and late for everything that came after.

The important thing is: I had someone else's eyes to help me narrow it all down. The Gaultier for Target collection was, as expected, sadly out of stock and skeletal. I'd have thought that in 2010, when featuring a star designer, a corporate entity like Tarjzsay could order accordingly. But no and I will not forgive or forget. Ever. But I will be back.

Regardless, we had a blast trying on what we could find and we wreaked havoc on that changing room and their 6 item limit. Eventually being urgently reminded that its unisex up in there.

Sorry I'm having trouble dowloading images so I'll have to link you to the pieces. My friend looks so amazing in this frock (sans studded belt shown) which features a puffy a line skirt supported by plenty of stiff tulle and check out the neckline which is a lovely sweetheart shape with a twist. Literally - the halter is twisted right round the neck which is a fresh and fun moment within such a classic silhouette. I didn't fare as well in it - the darn tulle...I looked just puffy like a 1950's Monroe cartoon dress monster, heehee.

Whatevs, I don't waste my time feeling bad: I got this and it makes my heart smile. Its pure girl. Check out the teeny tiny pleating and lace trimmed hem. Its a classic "Just A Salad LPD" (little pink dress), but who cares I actually think I love it more than food. By the way the line runs really true to size. Though they have a bunch of juniors sizes so you do have to find what works. I'm a small and that seems about a 5 - 7 in juniors. (This made me laugh. That fuschia dress I bought is XS but the local trendy boy talent said I look great in it, "Just do 50 situps first" [pause, LOLs!! Thanks I guess] heheh. I've lost 5lbs but also muscle apparently.)

Here's the fabu jacket I mentioned in my previous post that I'd have loved to find it but it wasn't in stock. What a surprise. But all for the best because its $199.99. We're in almost in summer so its best to wait for the sale. This motorcycle jacket was so cool, very padded and quilted but again..$200 and I don't even have a scooter yet.

K. There were some really weird moments too but I'm probly just not edgy enough to "get it" or its too junior for me. And why is JPG seemingly channeling Ed Hardy? Eew. And cheap and nasty fabric too - be warned.

Still there were some precious pieces and this was beautiful on me especially the color but wasn't in my size in stock. Shock horror. May order online because I'm still thinking about it and regrets suck, though here again, the fabric is dube.

Ok. Now that you've seen all this variety and eclectic offerings from Jean-Paul Gualtier for Target, check out this from our dear friends over at Shoeblog and be wowed at the endless creativity he gives us. Love people who don't do limits.

Next time: something wonderful for vegan girly-girls and you non-vegan shoe-loving girly-girls..

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