Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rain got you down?

By Aqua Catlin

I've waited so lonnng for the right time and now, Fancy Rain Boots, this is your moment. The rain gets me down but these boots are making me smile. I don't know why I've waited so long to wear them so much, I was really looking forward to it...

...and I hope you can see why. They are fun, shiny and pretty. And I noted today as I wore them around, they are cosy, roomy and offer their own arch support. Plus even though they're just beyond fancy, Dahling, they were affordable. Pretty sure I'm going on too long about this but forgive me, I was raised without the need for galoshes a.k.a gum boots so its fun for me. Is that cute buckle detail typical? I think not.

Another great reason to exploit them, white legs. Loyal readers will be aware of the ongoing tanning dramas that I just have to laugh at and a few of which are listed here. At the fabulous Gold's Gym, I've been tanning in their futuristic sci-fi stand-up beds (just like a lie-down bed only less relaxing and perhaps you could press your ipod and say "Beam me up Scotty," and arrive on the deck in your underwear or less, so use with care and sunscreen).

Its actually so powerful I burned myself a couple times till I found the right balance with the always trusty Kiehl's 12spf sunscreen. For some reason the top of my body gets nice and cinnamonie. The bottom half turns scarlet or not much change with the spf. I learned to supplement with L'Oreal Sublime Bronze tanning lotion. Still there are those who don't beleive how much effort I put into coloring myself because I'm still so white. But I LOVE this product. Its got a lovely consistent sparkle for instant luminosity and instant bronze. The days following application produce a quite believeable and glowing tone as well. I've found that Nuetrogena can look a bit orange and the L'Oreal is more natural though it would be great if they improved the fragrance and perhaps, for me, I need to aim for a more dramatic change? Ah well, those sparkles have me.

Remember I've mentioned my personal place and fave Shorty's Barber Shop hair products? They've finally released their long awaited new formulas. They were kind enough to provide me with a sample of "Shamp" and "Condish" for my silky flaxen locks. The product line is free of sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride(ick), and paba. And my hair has had a better over-all look and feel to it since I started using it and shines more too. The Kiehl's Super Thick Volumizer Root Lift is also such a great after-blow-dry volumizer. It lasts all day long if I puff it with my fingers occassionally. Not saying my hair has exactly gone country, just that I enjoy any lift and bounce I can get. And I have to keep it dry. Once the rain gets to it, its over. But that's why my fabu leopard print brolly with red trim is another trusty raincessory that helps me smile through the grey.

Just on the subject of color, heaps of women wear dark maroon and black nail polish in winter. : / I don't know. Its a bit predictable and a bit gloomy. I feel that color is very psychological and that the best color to wear to beat back winter-blues, is red. (Watch if its a cool or warm red against your skin; for the most flattering finish you want to go with warm if your skin is warm etc.) The best red is by Essie. Essie brand also lasts the longest on your nails, hurrah! Bing-O Cherry is my favorite red ever and flatters every hand. And now that you know all my secrets, good luck finding it. (If you want it, let me know.)

Ok. Winter doldroms. My last post discussed the trends of prints, colors, and by contrast, Prada's use of black and white. The brand being the only one using LACK of color for their collection. I mentioned I predict that the market would follow, with black and white would be the next big trend. Its gone a step further. While recently browsing the web collecting viral bugs and worms galore, I was shocked by the latest Banana Republic campaign "Live in Chino.Seven Days A Week." Aside from the concept - this dull palette taking over your closet, can you also believe that is what their campaign is called.? I'd say more but I'm asleep.

Its very weird because their father-company, Ralph Lauren, sent a Spring couture collection booklet showing the most stunningly elegant powder blue and navy pieces. Each with a tailored fabric more sheer and soft than the last and many with dazzling blue jewelled details placed just so in the folds. Far from boring. It was my favorite read for a while, a book to escape into, as they say. (And while the looks slowed my breath, the pricing page, tucked away in the back, stopped my heart and made me laugh and cry.)

I know Banana Rep is safe but they've never been boring to me before. Till now, when they tell us to wear chino to work, then a date. Really? Uhm, no. Guys can wear it pretty well I guess, if they're looking for something that safe and and not able to pick up something interesting from Theory or Ralph in the same classic stylin's. Chino. Snooze. And while I can't find the couture images online that I mentioned from RL, look how exquisite this campaign and collection is. Its fun and lovely. Why do chino when your daddy does this?? Not very egalitarian of RL. But I think, if I had to choose just one brand to wear while in America, RL would be the one. Not that I'd want to choose and DK is also a great American designer but... I feel this is more youthful yet still classic. My own version of safe.

I have to run along but a quick plug, we have work in the Cinequest Film Festival and the Sedona Film Festival right now, congratulations Wry Eye Productions and YBG Productions, I love you..

Right, boots are staying home for saturday night but that fancy umbrella will find its way to hanging off my wrist and I love scarves. Still I need ideas on how to stay cheery in the rain with your favorite colors, boots, mittens etc., So let us know. Especially you experience cold-weather folk. We hate the rain (sorry all you farmers) but we love looking good and smiling through it.


Anonymous said...

Aqua Catlin: thought you might want to get in touch with a kindred spirit. friend of mine works in UK and Iceland in your same field. "Linda Stefansdottir" ,

bless. scot deal

Aqua Catlin said...

Thanks, Scot Deal, I would love that. I've tracked down someone on facebook who seems to match. Alternatively you can find me there under Aqua Catlin Costumes. Best, and thanks for reading.

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