Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what Becky says you shouldn't be afraid of doing

Greetings, citizens! Frédérik here with that surprise I promised yesterday; a new feature here at the Fashionoclast. Starting today and occurring on an "it happens when it happens" basis, I'll feature guest posts from fun, savvy folk on all topics fashion. This week's guest contributor, whom you'll remember as a "Featured Blogger" not too long ago, is Becky Haltermon from Pump Up the Frump. With many thanks to Becky for taking the time to share her thoughts about fashion rules with us, I now turn it over to her...

I'm sure readers of a fashion blog that embraces iconoclasm can appreciate the fact that in my own style blog, Pump up the Frump, I try to never dole out clothing advice. Because while I do adhere to a litany of bizarre and unfounded fashion regulations regarding what style of boot should and should not be worn and what cut of jeans is appropriate for any given situation, imposing these rules on other people is impossible because I can't even stick to them myself. Case in point: I was shopping with my sister at a fabulous discount outlet and went on a psychotic rant about how the sweater dress is an overrated scam of a garment. They never flatter anyone, I prophesied to my sis, and they will inevitably make you look lumpy and dumpy. Not only that, who wants to wear a sweater they can't take off if it gets too balmy? People think they look cute and cozy and all it does is make them look fat. No one looks good in a sweater dress. No one. My sister patiently tolerated my diatribe and then amazingly held her tongue when I purchased a sweater dress within moments of my anti-sweater dress oration. I couldn't help it... It was gorgeous and on clearance.

(Dress by BCBG Max Azria.)

That was not the first time my self-imposed ideology was challenged by a beautiful bargain find. For years, I was arbitrarily opposed to leggings, only to find the world's most perfect pair on Etsy and then proceed to wear them three times a week.

09-20 103-05
(Leggings from Lamixx.)

I absolutely loathed flare/boot cut jeans until I happened upon a lovely pair from Free People.

11/102-23 boots

I refused to wear the color yellow for years.

02-17 detail12-02

I've absolutely forgotten where I bought this beret but the gray and yellow top is by Supermaggie.

For some reason, I never mixed navy blue and black until a year or two ago...

10-24 back

And I used to be staunchly opposed to rompers.


This is a vintage romper from Eclectiques in Columbus, OH. Again and again I find that my apparel prejudices, no matter how well founded (google "sweater dress" and I guarantee you'll find a plethora of tiny women who look chunky in clingy knit gowns) ultimately have an exception. And that exception makes me rethink all of my notions about dressing well.

So while I try not to give out fashion advice, I will say that no one should be afraid to break the rules. Even your own.


Aqua Catlin said...


Becky said...

Many thanks!

Peldyn said...

Excellent post and I completely agree with you. I will say that I will never wear something and then turn around and find myself wearing it. I swore I would not wear a mini since I am too old, and what do you know? I have the cutest grey mini dress that I can't wear enough! My husband says I look awesome in it and that is good enough for me.

Becky said...

I think having an open mind is a higher virtue than consistency, anyway! I applaud you, Peldyn.

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