Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Terra Plana SS10 - introducing Barack!

by frédérik sisa

No, not THAT Barack. This Barack:

- the newest addition to Terra Plana’s men collection. Fully embracing this season’s spirit of minimalism, Barack isn’t just a sleek-looking shoe, it’s the result of a new modular manufacturing process that eliminates glue and cuts down on the number of parts needed to make the shoe. And the sole is interchangeable! This video illustrates the process, called POP:

Barack retails for $180 and is offered in black tumbled leather, brown tumbled leather, desert suede and green suede – an exciting example of cutting-edge eco-conscious footwear.

Also worthy of mention are the upcoming spring/summer collections due to be released in March. The men’s goes for elegantly simple with a muted, earthy colour palette – check out the current releases if you want to go vivid.

Very hip, but where are the sandals (other than Dopies and Themba, an all-too- straightforward slide whose profits go towards helping AIDS-infected children in South Africa)? Nitpick aside, if I were one to wear shoes on a regular basis I’d definitely consider investing in a pair. The Claudius (middle, top row) is an appealingly simple shoe that suits me just fine – it currently comes in black or brown tumbled leather at a price of $160. It uses minimal glue by stitching the upper to the sole and “turning” it inside-out. Again, an example of how Terra Plana is notable not only for style but also for innovative engineering.

The women’s collection has a 50’s, retro flourish – and the colours are certainly brave and bold. Named after movie stars – there’s Grace, Rita, and Audrey – the collection features a collaboration with Choolips, a dynamite textile designer whose work is rooted in fair-trade practices with Ghanaian women. Extra bonus: heels made from recycled wood and nylons, minimal glue, as well as recycled PET nylon and eco-mesh – all to minimize toxins and pollutions. I particular like the flat with the woven strap – Frenchie, they call it – although they all offer something interesting either in terms of construction or pattern.

So there you have it, a peek at Terra Plana’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It looks promising to me…what do YOU think?

Note: Many thanks to Patty Kahn of Nylon Communications for use of the images and for updating me on Terra Plana's latest offerings.


Damian Peat said...

Wow - thanks for the amazing write up - you can also see a video on How the Pop was made here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gAmMwj0VqM

Damian Peat,
Terra Plana Brand Manager

Frederik Sisa said...

Hi Damian - thanks for the link to the video. Absolutely fascinating! The design is amazing!

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