Tuesday, January 5, 2010

happy new year...with a hands-on review of Shanti Boutique

by frédérik sisa

Happy New Year, everyone. Welcome back to The Fashionoclast.

To kick off 2010, I follow up on my eyeball review of Shanti Boutique with a hands-on review thanks to a product kindly sent to me by Crystal Water. It’s one of their Om anklets/bracelets, with a vegetarian ultrasuede band and a small sterling silver cube decorated with the well-known sacred syllable. It looks as elegant, sturdy, and stylish in person as it does on screen.

Although personally I really like it as an anklet (one of my favourite accessories), I’ll spare you another photo of my foot and show it to you instead as a bracelet – which actually works so nicely I might also wear it that way from time to time:

Many of their other anklets have actual clasps, incidentally.

A very nice touch of flair is the little bag the piece comes in:

With a nice selection of colours and a price of $11 – a portion of which goes to support the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation – the Om anklet/bracelet is affordable style indeed.

Something I forgot to mention in my previous post on Shanti Boutique is that not only do they classify their vast catalog of products by material and theme, they go out of their way with a “Groovy for Guys” category. When you consider that retailers like Gaiam, for example, only offer men’s products at Christmas time – a rather cynical ploy to get money from customers, considering that they don’t offer these products at other times of the year – it’s refreshing that Shanti Boutique takes products that are essentially unisex and points them out to guys. So here we have a boutique selling a wide variety quality fair trade, eco-friendly products at reasonable prices sure to delight the ladies…without ignoring us guys, who are not typically seen as the target customer base for this sort of thing. Excellent.

And on that note I want to turn it over to you, dear readers. I mentioned that anklets are one of my favourite accessories. But what is your favourite accessory? Why? How do you wear it? Send me your pictures and comments at fsisa [at] thefrontpageonline [dot] com.

Out of all the entries received, Aqua and I will randomly pick one lucky reader to be immortalized in a future “Featured Reader” post…and maybe not just one. Here’s an added incentive to participate: knowing what you folks like, and having a good number of participants, will motivate us to organize The Fashionoclast’s first giveaway contest. That’s right, we want to giveaway cool prizes to lucky readers. But the ball, as they say, is now in your court...

Note: Many thanks to Crystal Water for sending me a free anklet/bracelet to try out.


Jennifer said...

I really love the little, sparkly bag. It would be the perfect "wrapping" for small gifts, and I love that it is totally reusable. Might the Shanti Boutique sell the bags seperately? :)

Frederik Sisa said...

oooo...sparkles. They never fail! I don't think Shanti B. sells the bags separately, but if they do I'll let you know.

raquel roysdon said...

I'm anxious to receive my bags for my beautiful crystals.

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