Sunday, December 6, 2009

Face Your Hairs, Never Never Never Never Give Up

Aqua Catlin

The Clog. Toe Socks. Recycled Rubber Sandals. Some things Frederik and I will never see eye to eye. But each to his own and as I've said, there's room for most points of view. Except on the toesock thing and the clog thing too.

But then, he's got the gift of bald. He can use the coolest product on the planet, Headblade, which is run by some quite cool baldies I like to visit with him. Lucky Frederik can go through life looking confident, clean and pretty much in charge of his world...most people look at bald men with some awe. Even in his toe socks, he's still got impressively healthy looking skin-head. I assume its the Headblade. Done.

Me, I have endle$$ experiments in foundations, primers, revver-uppers, cleansers, toners, sunscreens and moisturizers. Doesn't seem to matter that I've got 2 kinds of primers (goes - I think - over your toner and moisturizer before the foundation...?), turns out I need a specific brand that is really the best. Is it ok to use it with a sunscreen as well? Nope! That's too much on the skin. So which do I choose? According to extraordinarily talented makeup artist, model, and talent Brooke Mason,
( she also gets photocredit for my pic here), I need to be using the primer at night-events and the sunscreen, (spf50, no more or less will do), during the day.

I use Arbonne, for most of my skincare and cosmetics
, a wonderful quality brand. I also represent them if you'd like to try anything but this is not a salespitch. Its a cry for help really from too many options, or not enough. But I've used Arbonne foundations and love them, then came the Bare Mineral powder foundation trend and I tried that instead and quite liked it. Then I ran out recently for the second time. I suppose I was bored but I wanted to try what Brooke was recommending. Cargo foundation. Well after reading a lot of consumer reviews which I also do for shoe, car and electronics purchases, I went into Sephora and after trying several options, I walked out with Makeup Forever's High Definition foundation. I've had this endless hunt because I tend to have an oily t-zone. Don't judge, it keeps your t-zone looking younger for longer. But with MF, it was just too young-looking a Tzone. So I exchanged that for the Cargo and quite like it. The packaging is eco-friendlier because its in a foil bag with a screw-cap and it won't fill much of a land-fill. Plus it smells exotic for something so utilitarian. But I wonder if the powder wouldn't have been just as good with less time invested? And the Arbonne liquid foundation I used to use made me pretty happy at the time too, and for skin health their products aren't rivaled within the price-point.

Hair: different story. I didn't love the Arbonne for my lame locks. It didn't fatten them at all. Can't do much to it anyway. Can't go Frederik's route. Thanks Brooke for the new cute hair style, it helps! Still, my hair is so fine I can tease it at the root several times a day, hairspray it for nearly $20 a bottle, and still run my fingers through it easily like it was brushed by two handmaids I didn't notice. This on top of volumizing Root Lift by Kiehl's, whose thickening shampoo is good! Success! At $20. Does anything work extremely super well? I'd probably pay more if so but otherwise, I'd like to pay less! I think perhaps the Root Lift does a little something. For guess how much? $20. I've settled on, when I can find time: curl it and get happy. It gets to bounce around for at least 5 hours before it starts to straighten and fall again. Like a little Cinderella moment.

I mentioned I needed to improve my body, recently and so was asked if I "like myself". Of course I like myself! This is vanity not insecurity. What's wrong with wanting "the pretty" or "the perfect"? If we stop trying, we're either not inspired or not girls. There'd be something wrong if I didn't want to improve.

This post isn't very fashionoclast, I know. Its barely even a full review of any one product or brand. Its just a review of my experiences in experimenting. Its been time to read reviews, ask questions, find parking, get excited, avoid frustration, buy, try, request samples, return, exchange, mix and match, and eventually settle on:

A. Use the best you can afford especially in skincare: Arbonne or Clarins, or Headblade. And I learned, if you make a mistake with a product, your face will still be there and no one but you will know the difference.
B. With your hair, devote the time to getting the right look that frames your face and know that the $60 means nothing if you don't. And even if you do. Unless you're bald, then see A.
C. We can experiment forever wanting better products, bodies and habits and maybe never settle on just one miracle solution, its because you do like yourself and believe in having the best possible face forward (which is being respectful to others and yourself)...and maybe one day, thinner calves and big fat hair.

I'm not even going to get into the 3 kinds of mascara I bought in the last 6 weeks. Questions? Makeovers? Product recommendations?


Frederik Sisa said...

I always get a kick out of other bald guys coming up to me and telling me they like my hair cut.

By the way, I'm wearing toe socks RIGHT NOW. :)

Aqua Catlin said...

I thought I felt a little queasy. But your hair is perfect.

Frederik Sisa said...

Queasiness...that's the egg nog, not my socks. It's what you get for parading around dressed like a Christmas tree. ;)

Brooke said...

Oh perfect hair is a MUST! you can wear almost anything, but with great hair, you'll look hot! very cool.

Hey I now want toe socks... I feel left out ;)

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