Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Shoe

By Aqua Catlin

Sorry guys, another lady post. There's so much shoe news of late its a shoe-in for a review on my favorite topic. I've been trying to contact Pamela Anderson or her people. She's come out with a new line of boots. Not sexy mamma boots. In the style of "Uggs." Named after their appearance? Anderson's are vegan apparently and called Pammies. Its cool she found a way not to use animal products because Uggs are what they are because of what they are: sheep skin and wool. Its nice for all you vegans out there to have another footwear option. If you can call them that. But goodluck getting a pair. Navigating Pam's website to get into the store page is impossible and I've had to do a bit of detective work as there's no "contact us" page. So far I've gotten no response. Waiting. I'm a bit more 99 than 007. tick tick tick

When I was a child, I wore quality shoes all the time. This meant hideous brown leather, (this was key), monsters such as Hush Puppies and worse. Have you seen these things? My memory says "heavy and ugly" and I'm too traumatized to find an image. I almost got a pair of black patent mary janes when I was 7, but mother backed out of the purchase and got the Pups. sob. All the other kids got to wear junk: fun, vinyl, colorful kids' shoes. They also got to eat meat while I was raised vegetarian. Contradict much, Mum? Ah well. I just giggle and remember when my 5 year old brother threw his Pups into traffic as we walked home from school and I strap on a pair of 4 inch heals on my way out for sushi.

I've done a bit of research over the last couple days and years. Doing my tango dancing, I've become really aware of t-straps. Ladies, if you can, then avoid the ankle strap - it really shortens your legs. Fun though. I also notice how nice it is to have padding under your feet and toes. I can't find the link for you but Target and CVS sell a really cute padded satin insert for high heels. It comes in a 3 pack for about $10 with 2 different neutrals and a sexy leopard print pair. I go through these like water. Also for closed toes this season, pictured here is a nice nude elasticated lace toe cover that's ingeniously padded on the bottom and pretty on top.

Another great product that's widely available, an arch support without being the entire insert/insole. Its for anyone wearing a flat base shoe or in this case, heel, and I'll bring a few pair to the set and make someone my emotional slave for the entire shoot by handing over a brand new pair when they need it most. You remove the backing and stick it down to the shoe. You can use it on any flat, sandals too. Its close to invisible but if you're in pain you don't really care if someone catches a glimpse. I really recommend this one for guys too. Arch and foot support is so key!

And so is fit. Fit is hardest to achieve. One foot bigger, the brand doesn't make half-sizes, their 6.5 fits your 7 foot but their other 7.5 feels too tight. Nope, they're out of 8. Want 8.5? You've been there. One great cure for the shoe that's slightly too big, is a combo of heel grips (stick it on the inside of the heel and avoid blisters too!) and the satin inserts. Just one option will do it ok but together you're truly cosy. Today I paired my one size too big heel - pictured above - with just the inserts. Wore them for hours with barely any slipping out, though I was careful. Speaking of slipping...

Today met someone wearing these. Looked like a gimmick and a cry for attention but what do I know about this kind and informative stranger. It was a very silly walk. But futuristic..?

Said he was a dancer and that it saved him from 80% of the impact as well as strengthened his entire bod. Maybe. But isn't that what Curves and MBTs claim with a much lower profile? Kangajumps. Not my first choice in fitness footwear. May as well talk about that too. Taste.

What makes some love heels and others go for flats? Are you a flat lover? I'd love to know why, please explain below. Some are cute and every shoe has a place. But heels are heels. No matter how my feet may pay, I will put them in heels while I'm alive to do it. But not without some taste.

Lady Gaga
wears these hoove-like no-nos by Alexander McQueen in her absolutely gorgeous new video for her song "Bad Romance". Its a must see. Such styling! I am looking out for the first pics of other celebs actually wearing them to events. They will be torn apart by fashion critics, quite rightly.

Jimmy Choo, luxury footwear designer is doing a line of his famous shoes for H&M. I've never been a fan but now... in this price point...I'm sure that I will die without the blue cage heel and I'm sure that its already all sold out. sob. Well, since I recently joined Shoedazzle, I may pull through with and alternate. And is it so wrong that a vegetarian wouldn't mind giving those zebra flats a whirl round the brunch buffet? Update: Yes they are sold out and now double the price on Ebay.

Let me know your thoughts,
heels or flats? Why? What do the men in your life like? Why? Any brilliant shoe fixes of your own? My shoes are always in and out of the shoe repair. Those guys really maintain a loved shoe. Has anyone noticed how Steve Madden's shoes feel like the devil lives in them while Carlos Santana's line is comfy like a royal slipper? Do you think they care? Do you like Euro or American sizing better? Anyone need the actual measurement chart? Any observations in general? If you could only wear one shoe forever which would it be?


Anonymous said...

Good blog. Very sole-ful. And educational, to boot. Not an easy feat, mind you. Can't wait for the next one...

Anonymous said...

Ooo I have to check out that new music video - sounds great! But the shoes... OUCH! I love my heels so making them practical is always a good thing. How can a woman live without heels? In fact every man I've dated loved a woman in heels, worked for me ;), but then again I'm sure there are the few who don't. My favorite shoes are Guiseppe Zanotti's!

Frederik Sisa said...

There are merits to both heels and flats, I think. Ballet flats have become more appealing to me in the recent months - maybe because there are much nicer designs out there and they have a certain playful quality. As for heels, well, I can certainly appreciate them...except when the woman who wears them looks like she is about to fall victim to a structural failure or walks like a newborn giraffe. I've seen too many women whose ankles look like they're going to snap because the heels are unstable. Lesson: instability is not sexy. Which leads back to flat or low-heel shoes,w hich can make up in comfort and detail in the uppers what they lack in height and fetish-factor. :)

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