Friday, October 23, 2009

Some POP, People!

By Aqua Catlin

Last night was the first opening reception, "Meaningful," of the POPGallery, a Culver City gallery owned by the fabulous grassroots Creative Brand Engineers, Pencil On Paper Studio. It’s a great gallery to support because 100% of the profits go back to the artists. POP donates their fabulous space, people power and time and passion to supporting the art and it will contribute much to the community I think. Meaningful included installation, watercolor portraits, woodprints and photography. Lots to show up for. And...

Lots of fun and “interesting” people showed. You know who I mean. They’re easy to find anywhere but near LA. Though you can see they're influenced by the city. But still: No hair dye, no makeup, no pretension, very authentic and sweet, leaning toward appreciating same. They brought their kids and the kids were well behaved and drew and painted in their own area. Art by kids at an art show after 8. Pretty cool. There was wine. There were the usual 50% dressed all in black. It was still a gallery reception but it felt like there was more genuine interactions and fun than pretension.

For those who weren’t wearing black from head to toe, some very interesting fashions. Not all of them fashion forward but, that made it so fun and interesting. It was a reminder that art isn’t confined to the displayed artists and fashion is not confined to Us Magazine, H&M, Forevs 21 (31), Robertson Blvd or Rodeo Drive. This is easily forgotten sometimes!

My favorite outfits were worn by:
the Gallery Mamma who's a co-owner with her husband and showed up in the head to toe black flowing skirt and top and accessorized with a new born baby in a black sling across her chest. Baby covered, visible, safe and flaunted, Mamma chic, artsy, proud, accessorized.

And I couldn’t take my eyes off the woman wearing a silky sky blue and purple voluminous yet structural, diagonal off the shoulder dress-thing with one long billowy sleeve and a 2 level hem… Turns out to be a pair of harem pants she put on wrong once and now wears as a dress. With cowboy boots and jeans. Yep. I’d have left off the jeans, but then, I’d never have thought to include them, so you go, Fashionoclista!

I also loved looking at the guy in a crazy vest over vertical stripes with thin tie and expensive old looking distressed boots and a hat. I always appreciate the highly polished, clean, tucked in types who attended too. Katie from POP was in both silver and gold paired with both black and brown with bright blue. Awesome. And Ann who put it together always wears a structurally re-worked t-shirt and is a vision. Suffice to say, it was fun to be there, and as fun to look around at the people as the art.

I hope any of you locals will find the time to support the gallery and that any of us who’re interested in doing so, will find inspiration in the fearlessness shown by the attendees and supporters of art.

That was fun but next week we go boosie. I missed y'all!

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