Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sherman, set the wayback machine to past reviews...

by frédérik sisa

So I’m in a bit of a holding pattern here until the various irons I have going get hot. In the meantime, I thought I’d offer an update on some of the products I’ve reviewed.

First up are Topsies, which I finally got around to ordering. The clincher was the sale price and the company’s offer to make a size 8 for me despite not listing anything lower than a 9 in their shop. Naturally, I ordered a pair in black and I have to say, these stretchy sandals are really comfortable despite the lack of arch support. Put a snug-fitting sock and a flip-flop together and presto, a comfy pair of sandals. Outside ractions have been mixed; some skepticism, some praise. But I’ve found they feel great and have a distinctive look that I like. And how do I wear them? With long pants – I think they look better on me with pants than with shorts. My only concern in recommending them is the price. It’s not that they aren’t a good value. On the other hand, these are handmade in the US, so…it’s a judgment call. I don’t have any regrets, and that’s pretty much the verdict.

Next are Dopies, those wacky things. I haven’t quite put them through their paces, but so far they’ve lived up to my review. They’re attention getters and plenty of fun. The only caveat – and this is a common problem with many shoes made of synthetic materials (my experience with a pair of Keens went disastrously wrong in the blister department, once upon a time) – is that there a wee bit of chafing in some spots, thus requiring the judicious use of a bandage. It’s really not that bad, though, and this is the sort of problem that really depends on one’s feet. What chafes for me may not chafe for you. And since Dopies really are flip-flops and not shoes, one has to keep in mind their function as designed. Bottom line: I still dig them.

…and I’m afraid that’s all I have this week. Next week will be back to the usual fully-loaded posts.

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Aqua said...

Frederik, Thanks for the loan/rental of the Dopies for my film. The actor had many issues with them coming off his feet, but I didn't use the sporty looking strap. Aesthetically they were perfect for our needs: cloven looking and unique. Thanks again. BTW Topsies are interesting looking too but I don't like the look of your toe socks.

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