Friday, October 30, 2009

Please, may I have some more...

By Aqua Catlin

I promised a boosie post and I'm glad to deliver. You may remember a previous mention too. Does anyone not like bosoms and cleavage? Breasts give life and they look nice doing it. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't appreciate them so I'm all for doing my best by them.

I love my Hollywood Rising Stars that I discuss here, even more now that I've gotten a second opportunity to wear them. They really work at holding up the girls all night and I got some nice compliments. I fished for those but in the name of research. While you're wearing them, the Cover-Ups are great to cover nipples if you're worried about being a distraction. The great thing about the Cover-Ups is the shape. They're round not that silly petal shape that's so obvious and
under anything silky or sheer the nude opaque coloring is great for a natural look. Its so rare that I'm brave enough to be brazen and again, in the name of research, I wore the Rising Stars without nip-covs last week in a darkened night club. Mostly gay so I chose my moment.

Back to my review. Was super excited to receive my new
Hollywood Extras, Silicone Breast Enhancers. They do enhance the old set but it feels like a new set so they're good with me! Just pop them into your bra, under your bosoms and you're ready to face the day, feeling sexy, round, and femme like a '50's pinup. They really knew how to fill out their tops back then didn't they?
See Rita. See the rest of Rita...
Were those girls' bigger, better or just knew how to pad? It doesn't matter since I've got the Hollywood Extras. They hold them up. Or, depending on the event and time, in. Its a much rounder look in the area all around. Its enjoyable and strange to feel somehow more feminine by just adding a secret slice of silicone. (No secret now but maybe girls will find this useful.)

Personally, I love femmy life but breast enlargement is not for me so this is a really fun little miracle. (Actually a lot of the brand's products seem like little miracles! I'm still crazy for their Hollywood Sweater Savers and Squares! I sound like a commercial but I know what's good.)

And the price is so very right. $39 and change for all that goodness. These should really last forever too if you use the Hollywood Insiders. I recommend them because it gets warm in there! They're a comfortable and disposable soft cover for the silicone and so soft against Thanks, Hollywood Fashion Tape, for including this in my package, I'm so glad to have it!

The Extras are heavy. Don't wear a flimsy bra, Girls. And
I developed an addiction to using them so I noticed how they look in every position under all kinds of tops and dresses. I recommend wearing a top or dress that's a little snug around the boosie area . Otherwise you'll look a little weighty. Not that there's anything wrong with that but keep in mind when you choose what you're wearing that it adds roundness and volume right there and if you wear a loose top it'll hang and drape larger than your torso really is off of those great bulbous smile-makers on your chest. Its actually a very feminine feeling though so feel free to play with it. Send pics!

Should we talk about the elephant in the room? How or if men react? I enhanced on 2 dates, a tango class, a tango party plus several days about in the world. Guys always seem nice but certainly there are glances in the 'below the chin' direction. Which I myself am not that comfortable with. If its going to happen I prefer not to see it and really in general I don't, but with these I caught lots of peeps and its a brief moment of ahem. I'm not saying its not worth it... it is, but prep yourselves for it. Guys like round bits. Silicone or real or a bit'o'both.

Led me to wonder, is it misleading to enhance on a date? What if you weren't enhanced when you met then suddenly you are enhanced? Would it be noticed if you unenhanced on down the road say in a few months? I'm all for enhancing on a final date! Tell me your thoughts and if you're thinking of investing in this little fun treat, please stay in touch with your own reviews.
Okaaay then!

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