Monday, October 5, 2009

featured blogger: pump up the frump

by frédérik sisa

There are zillions of fashion blogs out there. You have your fashion news blogs, your trendwatchers, your style guides and shopping blogs – and then you have your outfit-of-the-day blogs where fashionistas post pictures of themselves in their daily ensemble. Most of these come with a little too much me-me-me on the blogger’s part for my tastes, but one of my favourites, by Becky Haltermon, brings on the friendly served straight and smiling…and, of course, with a distinctive, grounded style rooted in a great sense of play. I still get a kick out of the blog’s moniker: Pump Up the Frump. (Because, by Gunn, there certainly is lot of frumpiness out there that needs to be pumped into shape.)

By way of introducing you to Pump Up The Frump, and in keeping with tradition here at The Fashionoclast, I subjected Becky to really, really fiendish questions.

Apparently, you can often be found wearing clothes. What motivated you to blog about it?
My sister and I are ridiculously close and have always fed each other's fashion obsessions. When she went away to grad school, I found that my outfit audience had dwindled to consisting of my cats. I wanted a way to share eccentric clothing ideas with my sis and whomever else might care. I had no idea that I'd find a huge network of incredible people with tons of ideas and inspirations. My blog offers way more affirmation than the cats ever did.

Just be grateful I didn't make a blog about the time I spend not wearing clothes. Hah.

What are your fashion influences and inspirations?
a. Whatever I find at the thrift store.
b. Whatever my friends donate to me at clothing swaps.
c. My awesome blog buddies.
d. Old movies. I'm still looking for a poncho like the one Luke Skywalker wears in A New Hope and a Cowichan sweater in the style of the Dude in The Big Lebowski.
e. Being cheap.
f. My silly sister.
g. The weather.
h. My dreams.
i. Cool girls who hang out near UC and OSU.

Someone is feelin’ the frump and they want to pump it up - any advice?
Wear whatever you want but do it loud and proud. People don't react to your clothes, they react to how you feel in your clothes.

And your plan for world domination is…?
I am an environmentalist by day so right now I'm too damn busy trying to save the planet, let alone subjugate it.

So there you have it. Pump Up The Frump. Many thanks to Becky for the chat!

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