Friday, September 4, 2009

The usual Drrrama

By Aqua Catlin

back to Leopold's, Drrrama at The Standard's Purple Lounge late last night with the gorgeous, talented (and vampy!) Leigh.
This was my 3rd visit. Each time is different and as fresh feeling as the first. With open minded or artistic friends...or strangers, there is nowhere else you'd rather be and you'll have a great time together. All the costumes, performances, the awesome DJs, in this case, Terence Toy (and briefly some nut with too much cocaine up his nose. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just hated his act), are a sensual feast.

Leopold's own show was exciting, raw energy and a polished act. Its always unexpected. He's a generous and talented performer, much like everyone in the place and on the dance floor. Did I mention they were
performing in their underwear, covered in mud and beautiful face makeup? It could've been sweats and tees, the show was so magnetic. Sorry, I can't describe the musical genre. Its just "Leopold". (And it doesn't hurt one's pride to hear our star yelling, "[my name/your name] is in the house!" into the microphone. If you like that sort of thing and I love it.)

Hmm, I forgot to look for Britney and Lindsay, but I danced next to Alexis Arquette, (looking stunning in a leopard print jacket, tights and red high
heel boots. The absence of a skirt was perfection), and met truly beautiful performance drag and drrrama queens and very cool, fun people. Leigh was providing the giggles too and its great to see the straight men having a blast in an environment that's overwhelming to the lesser of them. (Yes, I've been with a date. Wrong man, right place, haha.)

Drrrama is a mecca for fashionoclasts, performers, awesome music, great drinks, a super-cool feel and happening every Thursday so get your name on the list!

Photo Credit: La Madre

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Drrrama!! is hosted by Leopold and Blaque Sin!

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