Tuesday, September 29, 2009

use your head: HeadBlade

by frédérik sisa

When I was a kid, my father had a funny t-shirt that read “God only made a few perfect heads…on the rest he put hair.” (The secular version might read “nature only evolved a few perfect heads…everything else has hair.”) It certainly made the “solar panel for sex machines” t-shirts seem really, really dim-witted. It definitely made baldness seem like something that could be embraced with good humour instead horror. That good humour was much-needed as my hair started thinning in my twenties. I gradually had my hair cut shorter and shorter until, at last, I would get a buzz cut once a month or so. The logical end to that progression was, of course, shaving. And since I’m not Mr. Potato Head, the prospect of going fully bald wasn’t one that provoked panic in the streets, had parents hide their children when I passed by, or prompted my closest peeps to threaten an intervention. (“Put down the shaver, fellah! Just put it down and no one gets ugly!”)

There are benefits of going bald other than happily avoiding the questionable issue of bald spots (if I wanted a tonsure I’d become a monk) and the horror of comboverzilla. No more fuzzy head in between buzzes – buzz cuts are good for about a week or two, then the hair gets too long. No more need for someone else to do the buzzing. True, shaving my head AND my face every day is a bit time-consuming, but at least I can achieve a consistent look under my control. Bald is my style, as it were.

Making the decision to shave the ol’ noggin was made considerably easier thanks to the cool (as in Steve McQueen cool) Culver City-based company HeadBlade, a company. Their signature product is where they get their name from:

(Click image to enlarge.)

The verdict: beautifully curved for domes, blockheads need not apply, it works. Huzzah for good design! I admit that I haven’t entirely given up the straight-edge razor, but the comfortably-shaped, contoured HeadBlade was the perfect way to get the hang of shaving my head. And it’s still never far away.

Just as worthwhile, and vital, is HeadBlade’s range of headcare products; shaving creams, moisturizers, exfoliants, sunscreen. Although I’ve tried other shaving creams and gels, HeadSlick is my favourite. The blade glides very smoothly, the mentholated cream leaves a cool tingly feeling… and razor burn? Forget about it. The moisturizing HeadLube is excellent too, keeping skin nice and fresh, and the sunscreen is a must-have unless you want your head to look burnt. They also offer HeadWipes for when the daily sweat and grime leaves skin feeling icky and oily. I tend to be suspicious about antibacterial soaps and wipes – too much use can result in resistant bacteria, as I understand it – but sometimes the day hits hard and you just have to get not just clean but squeaky. Those head wipes are perfect – convenient, refreshing, squeaky clean.

(Click image to enlarge.)

You don’t have to shave your head to enjoy Headblade’s products, however. In fact, they’ve just introduced the FaceBlade, a compact travel razor suited for face, legs, and “whatever,” that anyone can use. (This is one thing I especially like about the company; they’re always working on new, practical products. I live and work near their HeadQuarters in Culver City; every time I stop by I learn about some exciting new idea in development.) With a focus on men’s grooming needs that are much more attuned than mega-companies like Gillette and an associated brand identity that is masculine without being aggressively, cartoonishly macho, HeadBlade is the real deal. While some brands are about as puffy as cotton candy, HeadBlade’s offering of great products and great value makes a justified claim for brand loyalty.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Frederik! Thanks for the write up.


Anonymous said...

Great write up and great company!

Wildman93 said...

I'm a fan of Head Blade products too.

Frederik Sisa said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

"The best alternative for those who have come to grips with their hair loss and who have decided to make the best of their situation is to consider shaving their head."

Right on, Wildman93. Right on.

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