Tuesday, September 8, 2009

piercing eyesight with body-mod glasses

by frédérik sisa

So you think you’re tough, eh, four-eyes? But are you tough enough for some extreme eyewear? Check out these bad muthas (click images to enlarge):

That’s right – PIERCED eye glasses. A bridge piercing consists of a barbell to which are attached small magnets. Frameless lenses connect to the barbell via magnetic brackets. Result: totally cool. I admit that despite my brash opening I don’t think I have the chops for a pair of these, however, for a rather obvious reason I’ll get to in a moment. But I’ll just say that I love the concept; this is fashion iconoclasm at its independent DIY best. And a pretty solid design too by James Sooy and his metal-working partner Oliver Gibson. Judging from images and a movie clip posted on their website, these should prove to be easy to put on and remove as well as easily interchanged between regular lenses and sunglass lenses.

The look, to make a crude comparison, is a bit like that of a topless sandal: minimalist in appearance although unobtrusively technological in its fabrication. I can picture these either on their own – a subtle industrial flourish that will put an edge to any outfit – or as part of a steampunk aesthetic that merges the industrial with the (ersatz?) tribal. Naturally, there is an appeal to those folk into body-mod. The cost is also attractive: $75-100. This excludes the cost of the lenses; these you have to get yourself.

Of course, the issue is that with the glasses off you still have the barbell and metal bits on either side of your nose. I suppose if you don’t take your glasses off except at night, when no one see you, it’s not an issue. But what about when going swimming? How about during other activities – and I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out which ones – during which wearing glasses is impractical? Are those bits harmless, distracting or otherwise funny-looking without the lenses? Then there’s the fact that the glasses do need a piercing. Although bridge piercings are, according to the FAQ, relatively painless and don’t touch bone or cartilage, getting a bridge piercing is not for everyone. Myself included.

Still, if these obstacles aren’t obstacles at all, there’s a lot of forward-looking fashion packed in these frameless glasses. Unfortunately, they aren’t available yet. Sooy and Gibsom are still prototyping and working towards a finished product. You can sign up to the waiting/mailing list to stay up to date with availability and check out Sooy/Gibson's website here.

So what about you, dear reader? Would you wear these? Vote in the poll at the top right of the page!

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