Saturday, September 12, 2009

Everybody goes to Hollywood

By Aqua Catlin

This week I'm reviewing "Hollywood Fashion Tape" brand's little touches they do for wardrobe needs. They're a pretty good overall company. Selling us what we never knew we needed and now we can't live without. And making us feel pretty while we're being utilitarian with their brilliant branding.

I've used the following products from them.
Hollywood Extras - Used on an actress for a lingerie scene. She wasn't endowed with a handful so she brought them along and we slipped them in. They added some nice contours to her cleavage and they stayed in place. Better than not using them but not exactly an in-your-face moment. I'd like to try them out myself for fun but it hasn't been a priority.

Hollywood Squares - This is a piece of pink foam, that's literally it. But its re-usable. Just use it by rubbing it back and forth on your clothes to remove deodorant stains, makeup powder and pet hair. I have a problem with deodorant getting everywhere so this is going to be a standard: 1 in the house, 1 in the car, 1 in the wardrobe set bag. It works, but it doesn't work miracles and its a little more labor intensive than you really feel up to, after all, its pink. But a must have!

Hollywood Fashion Tape - The brand's namesake product. On set I always say that my best friend is double-stick tape. Its quick and it sticks. I use more of this than anything on set aside from my steamer and those yummy red vines. I use a variety of double-stick tapes, not just this one. This comes in 3" strips and I tend to cut them down to a more girly size for my personal use. A dab here and there. I really don't use too much of this on set, for name actresses I use it but to get the job done, in general, I use the more widely available fashion tape or, gasp, office grade which works the best.

Hollywood Rising Stars - This is a paperthin adhesive semi-circle of silicone to go without a bra but still kind of keep up your salute to the sun, or chandelier. Girl's only. You hold 'em where you want them to be and place the Rising Star on. Goes on the top half of the bosom which seems wrong at first, like they could be visible under low-cut tops, but no. Do get it right the first time, you can't reposition or reuse these. They provide a practice piece but its not pleasant removing them AT ALL. I was still red the next day. Usually when the hangover's gone, so is the pain so I was surprised. Ouch, but worth it as needed. They're also nude so perhaps invisible under sheer, that's the claim, risky though in the wrong lighting.

Hollywood Sweater Saver - Cue the Angels' song. I love my sweaters, they're big, fluffy, feminine, flattering, expensive. Then there's the whole "paying the dry-cleaner who speaks a little English but is it enough? to remove the pills from your precious sweater". The pills always come back the first wearing anyway! Basically a really hard and rough pumice stone. You don't want to touch it. They should die this pink too and give it a little handle, those clever gooses. Its also really counter-intuitive rubbing it on your precious wool weave but it works great and leaves the fabric looking a little fresher, just like exfoliating!

I'd like to purchase pretty much all their products, haha. This is probably next on my list. Don't judge, we live in a disposable age and when it comes to technology, smaller is better! Hollywood Commandos.

In general this brand is innovative, fun and utilitarian - I want it all for when I'm on set. The packaging screams, "you'll die without me but you'll rule with me" and its in the bag. If anyone has tried some of their other lines or products, please tell us all about it.

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Trace said...

Ooooh great reviews! I've used the Fashion Tape before and now I'm really interested in the other stuff - especially the Squares. Great post!

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