Thursday, August 27, 2009

Price Post day

By Aqua Catlin

Thanks, for the sale info, Frederik, HauteLook is a good online resource.

I've been excited about the current and upcoming Loehmann's sales. If haute (definition "high" so "haute couture" is "high sewing" + is individual, not mass and officially requires many hours of hand-sewing), buying online makes no sense to you, check them out; they're local and this week:

1. Theory sample sale !yay! This post talks about why you must partake.
2. Dolce & Gab intimates. Or as my girlfriend J calls them, "naughties." IMO, we can never have too many naughties, lacies, unspeakables, nighties, etc. Girls need pretties, that's my theory.

I wouldn't be mentioning it here if I didn't think it was ridiculously well priced. God save Loehmann's! And its a smiler for me that lower priced discount stores have closed while they remain busy. Makes me hopeful.

Speaking of D&G, am I the only person alive who doesn't like their Cool Water scent? Meanwhile, Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di Gio still intrigues, especially the men's, (I wonder why...?), yet none of them wear it. Yes, I've been at the fragrance sales again too.

And if you're just over shopping while we wait for the inevitable and depressing slip into autumn:
Anyone wanting to contribute their dollars or ideas to sponsor an LAUSD high school class to be bussed over to volunteer at LA AIDS Walk in October please contact me for info!

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