Thursday, August 27, 2009

Alvin Valley sale at HauteLook

Gentlemen, I direct your attention to for a relatively rare sale on menswear - this one by Alvin Valley, a designer whose influences come from the US, Europe, and Latin America.

On sale now with discounts of up to 70%, the sale features a few leather jackets and some very nicely tailored cotton jackets. My favourite, the Dollard Casual Jacket, has a clean, simple, unfussy look that is very contemporary but versatile enough for both casual-chic and sophisticated wear. Very nice stitch detailing too.

And Ladies, there's an Alvin Valley sale for you as well, in addition to sales by Park Vogel and Julie Haus. (Dresses, tops, leggings...a very nice selection.)

The Alvin Valley sale ends in 36 hours as of this writing, which means you have until 10pm tomorrow night to take advantage of the deals.

(I'm looking for some feedback on HauteLook, so if you order anything please let me know about your experience!)

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Anonymous said...

Well, it seems the new-old saying is true: boys will be girls.

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