Friday, July 3, 2009

Secret for When You Need It

By Aqua Catlin

Due to my triple booking myself every day and night for the last little while, I'm posting late and little. But its important that you know this. If you desperately need something to wear:
Buy Theory.

Its safe to assume that you'll look sophis, clean, elegant and in the know. If you need something for work, or something for a date, an important meeting - whatever it is, you'll find something impeccable. This will make you feel "Audrey Hepburn gorgeous & kind," which is why we do any of this, afterall.

Theory is considered a bridge price-point - too cheap for some and too expensive for others but ultimately doable and totally worth it, (and secret #2 is if you buy at Loehmann's you can buy twice as much of it.) Really though, their pieces last forever and you can buy one every now and then and know you'll have and love it long. Value + beauty + casual chic. Its win win win win.

Now for the best part, their famous pants (bum)... Back when I was 21 and on the budget of a 10 year old, I bought a pair of their famous and loved trousers/slacks/pants. What they can't do for the bum does not need to happen. I still have those trousers and every now and then when I can fit in them, my round white girl bum becomes the high and proud booty of a strong black sistah. The cut is well known for some kind of wonderful magic in the bottom.

Their menswear is crisp and modern with lots of urban looks to offer but I don't have personal experience here. We do know Theory is always sexyish and safe - no need to question if you'll find something. You will. They have their own retail locations as well as being widely available in department stores. I'm so sure of all this, I'm not even going to give you images. Just go to them whenever you have a need.

What have we learned here?
1. When you need something you can be sure of, chose Theory and as a bonus included in the price, your butt will look adorable
2. Shop at Loehmann's for amazing designer deals and don't tell anyone
3. Always plan your blog post in advance of 1am
4. If you feel great, you look great no matter what you're wearing

Happy and safe holiday people. Fireworks rock.

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