Thursday, July 9, 2009

Review Updates

By Aqua Catlin

Thought I'd take the opportunity to do a couple of product updates based on recent Q & A sessions I've had with curious women.

First the Curves brand version of the MBT sneaker. I posted here about purchasing them to help me get an extra 10-15% more toning after not being able to workout for a couple months. 10-15% is intangible, but I'll never go back and that I think they're working. The rounded bottom (heehee. that too), forces you to use your entire body including core muscles to balance. Smart. They ARE hideous but wear long pants, they add height anyway - an added bonus. Your posture will be improved and they make walking smoother than in regular sneaks. A
fter extensive consumer research I bought the Curves exclusively through Avon and I highly recommend them for the skeptical and budget conscious.

Mystic Tan: I haven't mentioned this here before but if you know me, you know I've been un-naturally beautifully bronzed recently. And the "tandoori" like stain on my foot... Well I consider it a self-sacrifice so you can learn from my mistakes: Always remember to pat dry your feet and toes (!) too even though you wore booties and can barely breath in the booth. See the image for what remains of the stain. Still I will definitely be doing more of this.

Now, the MySkins product I posted on here... As I've mentioned, its not a neutral hue so, NO, it will never match my skin as they claim. To be invisible under white, it does have to be neutral. So: HUGE marketing mis-step there. However, they redeemed themselves with the brilliant structural mystery material they use to hold and present the lil' ones.

BUT: Quality-control issues! I bought the Convertible that allows you to remove and re-attach the straps differently. We need this and reliability. At the most inconvenient time, the little fabric stip the strap slides into tore. I was on a date, wearing a fabulous bold strappy top with double-stick tape hiding the bra straps so I would look "just so", and I felt the snap. Embarrassing! He wondered why the sudden gasp when all was calm around us. What could I do but fib? How do you have a normal evening after mentioning your boosies are no longer properly protected? Analysis: a worthwhile product after its perfected.

Thanks, and please make requests for reviews and comments by commenting below, rather than emailing, thanks!!

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