Friday, July 17, 2009

Post Production Post

By Aqua Catlin

I've been on a shoot this week so my time to try products and review them has been limited. Today I'm trying a few new to me products. One is POP beauty Lip Cushion and Double-Duty Bronzer and, a tipoff from the makeup artist on my shoot, who also likes POP beauty: Covergirl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara.

The POP beauty products seem great, and I'll be reviewing them in full on my next post after I've had time to learn the correct application techniques. Can't wait to get to know this fun and quality brand. I'll just say this: My lips are velvety and my cleav looks deep and summery : )

The mascara has hints of color throughout - the idea is that you buy the one with the tints that are opposite to your eyecolor, (ruby black for my green eyes). It works. My eyes are poppin'. That reminds me - I've got crazy-eyes in my picture here because of resizing it - anyone any good at shooting head-shots?

I've already been told today that I look cuter than ever before - a bit of a worry since I've tried harder and longer in the past and look pretty simple today, but still, I'll take it any time I can get it... all good.

One final note: I tried the Gilette Venus Spa razor - I never thought I'd be posting about a razor but - its got 2 giant soft pink shavegel pads on it, eliminating the need for that wasteful foam that you can't see through to be accurate in your shaving efforts. The razor also has 3 blades and got every awkward angle with ease and success. I bought the lovely White Tea scent and it will now be my standard.

Talk to you all about POP next week!

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