Friday, July 24, 2009

POP beauty

By Aqua Catlin

I've been trying out some Pop beauty makeup for the last week and it is such a nice, easy to use, quality, fun product. Ceator, Sara Strand, you know what the girls like! And the packaging is equally fun while subdued-luxurious and pretty. They conveniently provide application advice on each product at their website, too.

I know I've mentioned I love the Lip Cushion. Its prettily packaged in a pale iridescent tube and is applied with the pull-out brush. It makes my lips look and feel velvety and its so refreshing with a little minty tingle... I just want to put it on my whole body, (hint, hint Sara), to feel that way all over.

But here's what I really want to talk about... the Double Duty Bronzer - this has been a sweet little godsend. I use it on my face, my cleavage, my shins and now my arms. I keep finding new ways and places to put it because it looks so nice. Its natural and toasty looking but with a little sparkle hint that there's something special going on.

This week, I tried an airbrush tanning session trying to out-do my Mystic Tan. There is no hiding from the lady who sprays you. I decided to keep my unders on the bottom, but its still awkward and intimate and left me with contrasting white bum. I asked for the darkest tanner, but I didn't want it near my face - too fake-Hollywood looking. Now my face matches the buns for pale, especially with my mineral foundation. I got 2 quite diplomatic comments on how white my face appeared when I forgot to bronze it. I was so self-conscious! Thank goodness the Double Duty Bronzer gives a relieving natural pink/bronze tone to my face - no crazy contrast. From eye-brow raisingly white to sunkissed and pretty. It even looks so much more natural than the Bare Minerals All Over Warmth that is sold with my foundation to combat the whiteness.

And note the cool bronze alligator effect packaging. What you don't see on their webpage, is how much product you get. Its a value for the money!
Also for uneven moments on the rest of my tan, (why why why?!), it works well to even it out. Its been such a savior. The Double Duty Kabuki Brush is SO SOFT, it feels like your'e fluffing a cloud all over.

Pop beauty is value for money, a quality and a fun product. Professionals use it or we can use it equally effectively. Loves it! Totally femme experience.


Benn O said...

Go the kabuki.

Trace said...

Ooooh great review of Pop Beauty, I've been wanting to try some of their stuff! That bronzer sounds great, I need to check it out. I also need to check out air brush tanning!!!

Aqua Catlin said...

Trace, thanks, Cutie and I love your blog, StyleKlutz! POP Beauty is an awesome brand. Working with makeup artists a lot, I've learned I like wearing professional makeup but its daunting. But POP is a cinch and the Lid Bronzer is also a godsend if you're into eyeshadow. There's something for every occasion. (Airbrush tannning...well, I'm going back to the lights. Nuff said : )

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