Sunday, July 5, 2009


By Aqua Catlin

All, hope your holiday was safe and fun. I shopped for a client today and rediscovered Lucky Brand. All American. Very cool menswear, what a resource - espesh at the outlet price point. They offered cool simple long sleeve tees - got one for my client and a great pair of pants. I found their pants to be really unique. They had black linen cargo pants for blokes... did NOT get that for my client but they were really interesting... Anyone have thoughts on where to wear? I can't stop thinking about this. Are they for sophisticated / Italian army men on leave and if so, where are they vacationing that they want black linen?! This is what happens when I'm presented with such a conundrum - this piece is messing with my head.

I also had a bikini weekend that was a blast but I want ideas on where to find the perfect bikini. I have 2, wear 1 and I'm totally bored with it. My 2 stops this week came up dead end. Send ideas... keeping in mind if I wanted to spend hundreds, I wouldn't be asking. UPDATE: Now I need one for a shoot project... send your fave brand ideas please, this is your chance to influence the media, Ladies.

Back to work...

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