Thursday, June 11, 2009

We need you

By Aqua Catlin

Verrry Much Loved Fans and Readership - just reply to the questions below by clicking "comment".

My post for today is on hold. I'm attending my friend's band performance tonight at The Standard, Hollywood. He is Leopold of "Leopold and the Bang Bang Bang." (The guest star is Alexis Arquette. How fun! And much to review. After you reply to the below, please.)

I met him when I was wardrobe head on a music video. He was gladly modelling the men's wear for me in Cavalli. He was working it, dancing for me and striking poses like the pro he is. Zoolander, eat your superficial heart out. (Photo reprinted without permission). So we hit it off and I can't wait to see his show tonight. In his usual way, his event production company is called Drrrama and I'm sure that there will be much of it. The good kind involving spilled drinks and new friends. Then I will post my completely unbiased, musically expert, neutral review.

While we wait... I have questions for you. ALL of you. We value all 12 of your responses so please send them!
Recently my blog-mate asked a question and heard nothing back. Please respond or be replaced with better fans. We've discussed this and can't compromise on this issue, though we do love you more than life itself. (If you like, you may choose just 1 question.)

His question:
"How do you accessorize?"
This is a valid question at any time and without your answers we'll get nowhere up on here. Response samples:
- "I sometimes like to use a beautiful silk scarfe and tie it around each of my belt loops, demonstrating function, beauty and individuality." (Me.)
- "I like to put on a baseball cap. It keeps the sun out of my eyes and I like the logo even though I don't know what it is." (TD.)
- "I would never leave the house without my Cartier timepiece! Nor do I ever wear the same one twice." (Me dreaming.)

My question:
Which do you enjoy wearing more: Trends or Classics? Why?
- "Classic + trend is fun. But classic is classic." (me.)

How hard was that? We value your thoughts, so please tell us all your secrets and opinions and subscribe and tell your friends and ask us to review things and remember we are only here for YOU. And the freebies.

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Trace said...

My responses:

How do you accessorize? Shoes and bags are always important to me. Jewelry not so much. Although I'm really loving long necklaces right now. But a hot shoe is my number one accessory.

Trends or Classics? I'm definitely a classics girl. I have fun with trends, but often feel silly in them. My style is classic and comfortable.

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