Friday, June 26, 2009

"Thinking Man's Sex Symbol"

By Aqua Catlin

I was having my hair done reading my W Mag recently and found a piece on new fashion lines bravely being launched now. Of the 8 new lines, one especially caught my breath. "Prabal Gurung" named for its designer who considers his line to be, "...for the thinking man's sex symbol. The anti Paris Hilton," as told to W. God love him. He's a thinking man and his pieces are lovely.

He was Design Director at Bill Blass (snore) and thankfully now we can enjoy the beauty of his independent work. So unique. He was raised in Kathmandu, schooled in India and has worked with Donna Karen and Cynthia Rowley.

Perhaps its his background with Donna Karen that's given him the understanding of what to emphasize and what to cover up in his fine Woman's Wear collection.
If you have the body of a real woman or maybe a curvy one who'd typically run from fashion into whatever fits, I believe you will find comfort here. Maybe not your wallet, but don't we all deserve a creamy looking red jacket with a shawl neck to protect us from the harsh So.Cal winter nights at the opera.

Some people meditate, I return to the current Prabal Gurung collection. Liken his pieces to a mountain forest after snow. Soft, strong, mysterious, pristine. His draping and layering, use of using fine fabrics for structured architectural moments... I love it because it seems traditional but its Fashionoclast and necessary over the current trend of mini-dresses that not all can wear. Its not risque showing much skin, yet boldly feminine and femininely bold. He is genius at moving your eye to follow and appreciate female roundness that he knows exactly how to enhance and celebrate with drapes, color, and line, yet with all the construction complexities keeps it simple and clean. All brave, strong pieces, I don't think a timid girl could ever feel timid in one.

My favorite piece is the sheer black party dress with metallic details throughout. But what urban princess wouldn't want to wear one of those feathered numbers to the right philanthropic event? Sorry guys, I've seen no menswear yet. (You'd question my sanity if I didn't say that I don't get his pants at all. They're high-waisted and harem-y. Is he following the trends and so doing a dis-service to his collection? Thoughts?)

His marketing person was
responsive but as of yet, she says there's no showroom in Los Angeles, or I'd have moved in. I hope, when he's retailing here, not just in NY, that I can afford at least one piece per season.

What do you think of his work and what's your fave?

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