Monday, June 8, 2009

thank you, Thank You Mart!

Edit 06.10.09: A spiffy discovery by Aqua...just to give credit where credit is due...

Check out all this stuff!

It’s called Thank You Mart. And everything in the store priced at $3.99!

If you live in the LA area, this vintage store located in Westwood is a pretty cool find. Clothes, accessories…I think women will have a better time of it in terms of apparel; lots of cute skirts and blouses, not to mention purses, ballet flats, earrings and the like. But I managed to snag some cool belt buckles, a key chain and a pair of jeans that I plan on working into capris (or clamdiggers, or knickers, or long shorts, however you want to call them if “capris” doesn’t strike your fancy).

My biggest disappointment, however, was my failure to find some shirts. (At the moment, I’m on a mission to find some cool shirts to jazz up my wardrobe. Something retro, perhaps – like 50s bowling shirts.) They had some rather characterless dress and casual shirts, hoodies, and lots of stripy polos that were not so much vintage as hand-me-downs from the 70s. Pretty limited. Thankfully, there are other options available. But, the principle that vintage emporiums can be nifty little treasure troves of goodies still holds. Both my wife and Aqua scored some pretty nice swag too, so that compensates my lack of apparel success. Worth a visit.

Thank You Mart

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