Tuesday, June 23, 2009

fashionista profile: Monique Lewis

by frédérik sisa

Here at the Fashionoclast we are dedicated to the idea of “being your own trend.” Fashionoclastic, if you will. In part, this is why we don’t slavishly cover the runway shows, seasonal trends, and that sort of fashion news…there are plenty of other sites that do. We’re far more interested in how people pick and choose what suits them from among all that stuff in the wide world of fashion – we’re interested in the personal, individual experience of fashion. To that end, it’s a pleasure to meet people like the subject of this week’s fashionista profile. So let me introduce you to Monique Lewis, aka MonMon the Fashionistar. The Dreaded Questions Three are on vacation this week at an undisclosed location in the Caribbean – the little fellahs are exhausted – so I brought in some hefty replacements.
Tell me a little about your background in fashion and what your ambitions are for the future.

I have always been interested in fashion, ever since I was a child. First I wanted to design wedding dresses, then to just design anything and everything fashion related. I used to scribble drawings of outfits and cartoons and splatter my name or logo all over them!

As I got older I found out about the many different professions within the industry, including my most favored right now which is Fashion Styling; The fact that you can create your very own stylized image on a model using clothing and accessories is an amazing thing!

In the future I aspire to be fashion entrepreneur involving myself in anything and everything to do with fashion including styling, buying, journalism, design and critique. At present I'm building a styling portfolio and will be launching myself officially as a stylist towards the end of the year with some exciting fashion shots!

How would you describe your own personal style and what do you do to achieve it? Who and what are your inspirations?

My personal style is all about jazzing up an outfit, with statement pieces. I can't sum up my style with a couple of words, it has to be a couple sentences! :) I love colour, I'm forever playing around with it, my outfits always look like big colour palette's and I'm forever wearing patterned items, statement shoes, jewelry or even scarves to jazz an outfit up 'Mon' style. I don't like to look exactly the same each day and I always always wear a big cocktail ring.

A lot of past fashion genre's inspire me, such as the 50's glam look, the 70's and 80's colour's and funky accessories. They're all so significant to their time. Also people such as Lady Gaga and R'n'B singer Kelis inspire me. Simply because they make a mark with each outfit, their looks are unique and they're trendsetters not followers. Also people I see out and about everyday who look significantly different to others, are inspiring. Fellow embracers of style, who aren't afraid to push the boring boundaries of today’s trends!

What’s your advice to budding fashionistas out there looking to develop their own style?

To budding fashionistas, I would definitely say invest in 'statement' pieces. (My two favourite fashion words!) Items that can totally transform an outfit when you add them...A nice scarf, A good hat, a simple long chain with a pendant or even a pair of strappy heels or shoes in a lovely colour! Funky accessories like bangles or rings and floral or patterned items. Just experiment until you've found your own personal image, whether it be 'in' or 'out' of fashion at the time. Vintage pieces are also a must, because they're usually one offs and when people ask you where you've got those fabulous earrings from or that leather jacket...you can just reply 'It's Vintage!' :D

Keep embracing your own personal style guys and don't be afraid to push the boundaries! Think outside of the 'trend' box!
Many thanks to Monique for taking the time to chat. Readers, if you’re on Facebook you can join Monique at her rockin’ fashion and style group, called MonMon the Fashionistar.* presents...It's all about STYLE! Just clickety-click right here.

And I totally dig the idea of “statement pieces.” This week’s profile is actually good lead-in for upcoming posts on creating a signature style. In the meantime, though, I’ll just throw the question out there (again) – what do you fine folk use as statement pieces?

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