Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Curves for Women" Shoes

By Aqua Catlin

I am sorry I missed last week and this will be super quick too but I will come through and as promised I'm posting my review of Avon's version of the MBT sneakery-shoe-clodhoppery-thingy... (see this post from 2 weeks ago).

Suffice to say - I love them. Well, I wish it would suffice to say but I'm going to have to really over-state it to convince you. Because they are so bloody ugly aren't they.

I'd be negligent if I didn't warn you. You don't want to be wearing them when the tall handsome guy gets on the treadmill next to you. I learned this from personal experience. However, if you can keep your rollin' pace a step faster than his, he can see how great your posture is and how round and cute your buns are [in your weird shoes] for whatever reason [yes, your weird shoes are the reason].

Hills are the real muscle challenge but easier than the walking lunges in them. Down hill is also pretty challenging. Today I did almost 2 miles on flat and its all really effective. I just don't want to take them off. I can definitely feel the toning and my posture and height make me fell very queeny. I've learned a thing or two about walking like a queen in West Hollywood. (urgh that was awful I know, but you know who you are, people. ) Further... I now have a more complete understanding of what my high heels have been doing to my tootsies. Not that I care but sometimes I'll randomly find myself walking on tip-toes even in ballet slips or my flops. This is an involuntary habit from all the heels - the rolling sneakers are the first that actually help relax my foot the other direction. ahh. ouch.

Let's wrap this up: This is the "Perfect Product" although due 'solely' to the vom-inducing appearance there'll be no Fashionoclast Seal. For the price and the results its a must have in every color. Mine are white and purple. Wear them with extra lengthy sweats - Abercrombie & Fitch can oblige - to hide the hideous orthopedic looking sole and you're good to roll with the best posture you've ever had! You're not convinced, I know. But walk a mile in my shoes. Just make sure you do it with your cap pulled low over your oversized aviators.


Rebecca said...

How are they as for sizing? What if they don't fit?
Are they more or less true to sizing?

Aqua Catlin said...

Rebecca, thanks for your question - I should've addressed it in the post! They're true to size - roomy. I agree that its challenging to buy clothes and shoes online so I do tons of research every time. If you've got wide feet, there's also a line for that, but you'll probably find them roomy enough! Super comfy. Thank you for reading.

dc shoes uk said...

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Aqua said...

Hi! They seem to have lots of fun options. I don't like the high-tops but they look really comfortable. I'd like to try out their Women's A250 #302407 in the pink and turquoise for one of my long days on set. Thanks for the info and for reading. We appreciate your comments!

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