Thursday, June 18, 2009


By Aqua Catlin

Ok, fine. The threats didn't work and only Trace commented on my questions here. Thanks, Lady! Supportive types who sweetly sent your comments to my email, THANKS to all of you!! The rest of you are now replaced.

This one is for Leopold's "Drrrama" night at the private Purple Lounge, The Standard [hotel] Hollywood. This whole night was Fashionoclast. Nothing was standard and everything was better for it. As expected, it was more awesome than expected. The crowd was a drinking, laughing, dancing, mass of seemingly undergound, fabulous (yes I had to say it), creatives + Alexis Arquette dryly stating, "Controversy!" over the remixed song of the same name. See those little couches in the pic? After our 3rd champagne cocktail experiment we were dancing on them. The DJ's mixes were cooler that The Standard's own DJs and the place, as shown, is ridiculously cool. I felt very in with the even cooler crowd. Low reflective ceilings ensure an intimate, colorful feel, quite like you're on stage and its all about you. Lady Leigh and I felt as tall as super-models.

My girlfriend Leigh, a talented Production Designer and I met performance artists, dancers, 2 token Italian charmers, one of them a famous musician, a talented photographer (click here for pics of the night), drag queens, a corsetted naked from the waist-down NYer, a lot of interesting strangers, the usual 'passed out on our couch girl', straights, gays, ?s and most importantly we had our audiences with Leopold, shown with us here. Isn't he faaabulous.

All those drag-performers trying to bring the most drrrama. I won't go into the actual performances. Let it be said that there was nudity. Is this legal in a private partay? There were no fashion police - one of the best aspects - it was come as and who you are/want to be. There was a void where any LA pretention would normally be at a Hollywood party. yay! Be yourself and have a blast.

Pictured at right is one Brian Getnick, my new friend, who came costumed as being caught in a dream catcher. That makes him the dream. Fantastic.

Leopold and The Bang Bang Bang didn't perform until 1am. And then only 1 song. Goodness, though, it was worth the wait...if you were lucky enough to get a view of it through the hungry crowd and we were. It was quite the finale! He sings, he dances, he trims.

I could do this every week. Well, the excitement was a bit much for every week!! But hope to get back there asap for more events from Drrrama. (Hint Hint, Darling Leopold.)

What do you want me to review next?

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