Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Amanda's shrink art, accessories, and a question for a readers

by frédérik sisa

You savvy readers don’t need to be reminded about the importance of accessories, those little (or not so little) details that pull an ensemble together. I was prompted to think about these fashion-critical ornaments when I first met Amanda Alizarine, who memorably pulled her style together courtesy of a rather startling pendant. And when I say startling, I don’t mean it in the prudish sense; I mean it statistically in that it’s not everyday you’ll see a woman wearing an image of a bare-chested Bettie Page around her neck. Like this:

Drawn and fabricated by the very talented and artistic Amanda herself, the Bettie Page pendant is one of several she makes with Shrink Art (or Shrinky Dinks), pieces of plastic that can be drawn or printed on then baked. The plastic shrinks and thickens with the heat, thereby creating a durable piece of art.

Curious about what lies behind her Shrink Art efforts, I asked Amanda those three little questions that are certainly dreadful, but in a loveable, familiar sort of way.
In a nutshell, tell us about your work.

Shrink Art is one of my many obsessions. I am an oil painter, but I also enjoy making interesting jewelry to break things up a bit. The consistent thread in all of my work is quality.

What inspires you?

Just about everything inspires me. The inspirations for my shrink art include Tattoo Flash, Pop Culture & Art History, esp Pinups and Art Nouveau.

And your plan for world domination is…?

I plan to take over the world while distracting people with pictures of boobs and vaginas...
If that last answer has you puzzled, consider that part of her collection includes a Sheela na Gig Coloring Book. “Inspired by Sheela sculptures and by similar imagery from around the world, I created 12 modern Sheelas for women to contemplate. Each character bears her yoni/vagina with pride. My purpose was to embrace the full experience of being feminine; pain, pleasure, creation, mystery…” There you go.

It’s not all boobs and vaginas, though. Other pieces include old school tattoo ladies and portraits of Frida Kahlo, including this Frida Skull piece:

And yes, she does sell these and other lovely charms at eclecticCosmos.etsy.com.

The lesson isn’t only that DIY jewelry or accessories can lend a personal touch to your wardrobe, an individuality no designer or brand can match, but that it doesn’t have to involve especially expensive materials. But you knew that. Which is why I’m going to step aside and throw out a question out there for you, dear Readers, to answer: what sort of accessories do you use to pull your outfits together? Leave a comment below (anonymous comments are enabled in case you don’t have an OpenID or other kind of registration), share your tips and ideas, and who knows, maybe YOU will be the subject of a future feature post.

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