Monday, May 4, 2009

"Sust"ainable, Organic Fashions

By Aqua Catlin

Must see I found a wonderful ad for in my Dwell magazine: a sustainable, organic super-soft cotton clothing line. Made in San Franicisco, perfect for LA and perfect for the conscious, the trendite and those on a budget. Women's wear only so far but its a great resource anyway. Click
here for Sust. I can't wait to wear their "Hybrid Pant" and especially the "Classic Halter"shown in the ad. I will likely purchase very soon, yay!

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melisa said...

i really like the tops but they only come in XS to L, no XL for those of us who need that, no matter how much weight we drop. i can't wait to hear how the fabric feels, and it is always good to support local small businesses!

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