Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sock Dreams and the unsung heroes of the wardrobe

by frédérik sisa

This week's topic involves these bad boys:

No, not my feet - the socks. The toe socks, to be precise. For some reason, Aqua hates them. Her reaction on seeing them is just a notch below seeing a creepy-crawly stroll down her desk. I, on the other hand, love them. They're different, they come in all sorts of fun stripes and colours and, above all, they're comfy. The way I see it, why settle for ordinary sausage casings when you can have something with personality that fits like a glove? After all, we don't have potatoes for feet; we've got toes, and sometimes they just want to be free. And warm.

But I'm not using this post to sing the praises of toes socks, although if you feel compelled to give them a try on account of me, hey, go for it! Rather, I want to point out how socks are the unsung heroes of the wardrobe. As someone who prefers to go barefoot and whose footwear of choice is the sandal, I have to admit I never gave socks much thought until relatively recent. After all, they go over the foot, the foot in the shoe - really, who cares about socks, especially when one half of the pair inevitably proves faithless by running away with some no-good piece of knitwear? And yet, even here in sunny Southern California there comes a time when the sandals must stay in the closet and give way to shoes. Suddenly, the humble sock takes on a measure of importance. A flash of colour at the ankles, maybe some secret enjoyment at a hidden bit of fun, or maybe a conversation piece - who knew socks could lead to some kind of fashion glee? For me, it started with stripes. Black and white, of course, followed by black socks with ye olde jolly roger. Then I discovered toe socks and that was it; I found my personal style preference and got several pairs.

It's almost silly, really, but socks are the kind of unexpected detail that, when attended to, can surprise and delight. The problem is finding that pair of socks that scream "you" (or whispers if you don't want to be too conspicuous.) Ladies are fortunate in that most stores carry a respectable selection. Guys, of course, get a choice between the likes of navy, white, black and, if you're really lucky, off-black. Or maybe argyle. But for truly off-the-wall selection, the best option for everyone is either a sock store, of which there are few, or this place, open 24-hours a day for your online shopping pleasure: sock-dreams.com

Sock Dreams started off on the right foot courtesy of a girl who had cold feet. I’m not trying to get cute with the clichéd metaphors; Sock Dreams is really one of those small businesses that started with a simple idea, took off, and is a pleasure to support. I’ve been buying all my socks from them for the past, oh, year or so, and the secret to their success is straightforward – a dizzying selection of socks for all shapes, sizes, and tastes, from tabis and toe socks to lacy stockings and athletic wear (and so much more); efficiently processed orders; good prices; and a friendly vibe. You can’t ask for more.

Except, maybe, for a bonafide brick and mortar to visit.

As it happens, ducky, you’re in luck; Sock Dreams does, indeed, have a store. In beautiful Portland.

So that’s it. No more excuses now for boring socks.

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Aqua Catlin said...

Vom! urghhh.
Prepare for a peep-toe retaliation. If my eyes recover.
I looked at the website. I love their fishnets - specifically the Betsey Johnsons they sell.

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