Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fluevog: unique soles for unique souls, indeed

by frédérik sisa

It frustrates me to no end - insofar as as I really do get worked up about such things. Fluevog is one of my favourite shoe designers, but he offers zero, and by zero I do mean zip, sandals for men. If I liked wearing shoes, there would no shortage of unique soles to choose from. Fluevog is where I would turn to. The one pair I have, textured burgundy-coloured shoes from the Angel collection, has all the awesome I could want from footwear. And it lasts too. The soles are water resistant, acid resistant, and Satan resistant (big plus), and the the uppers are tough too - these babies have gone the distance. When they do expire, as all things must, it'll be straight to the nearest Fluevog store for a successor pair.

What makes Fluevog so noteworthy is that the designs have a signature style - spotting a Fluevog is almost as easy as spotting Louboutins, and this without the benefit of a repeated design feature like red soles - and have a quality of construction that justifies prices ranging from the hundreds to three-hundreds. In other words, you get what you pay for and it's worth it. As a bonus, they offer eco-friendly, vegan styles too, which demonstrates an uncommonly accommodating design platform, and a concept called Open Source Footwear in which we, the common people, can submit designs in the hopes of seeing them become bonafide production models.

They recently re-released a vintage shoe in honour of Fluevog's 40th anniversary, the Ask | Answer:
The solid strap slingback, the thick squeezed heel, the brass's a beautiful take on the clog.

For guys, they're featuring the Resist | Derby, an ankle-high chukka boot of natural crepe and suede that, as the description so aptly, well, describes, offers a Fluevogian spin on the creeper. They have a neat yellow and grey version, but I'm partial to this brown and blue:

These Radio | CBC are snazzy too. I love the blue lining:
But please, Mr. about some men's sandals? It's summer and who wants to keep feet locked up in shoes?

Okay, so now I'm whining. Complaints aside, Fluevog is one of the most consistent bang-for-the-buck shoe brands out there - distinctive and easily able to make a statement without throwing an ensemble off-kilter. Makes me wish I did like wearing shoes a little more.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I saw a pair of Ask clogs on a student's feet, had instant shoe lust and she told me they were Fluevogs. Of course, they had to be Fluevogs! Anyways, I found a pair of Ask clogs off Ebay, and I adore them. I'm not a clog person, but the Ask clogs are in a class by themselves.

Frederik Sisa said...

Hi, Anon.

I agree, the Ask are quite special. They don't have that traditional clog look, so they stand a greater chance of achieving a greater appeal...well, in your case more than a chance! That's awesome you were able to get a pair off of eBay. Thanks for sharing your Fluevog experience! :)

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