Saturday, May 16, 2009

fine hair to Fine Hair

By Aqua Catlin

My hair is usually pretty straight, if not down-right flat. My stylist always laughs at me when I suggest new style/cut ideas he could try to give me some lift. He laughs really heartily - leaving me feeling naive, silly and disillusioned. Suggestions that maybe I could try growing it, then layered styles, are met with a counter instruction that I get extensions... : (
We have to fake any texture at all by putting darker lowlights through the blonde and underneath. (See the pic from 2 weeks ago in the MySkins post.) Lucky for me, he's a color genius and also does celebs and amazing shoots. I'd like to name-drop him but I'm not stupid...its hard enough to get an appointment time that works and if you want him bad enough you'll find him.

Recently in a fit of mutual hair frustration we tried one of his new hair products - meaning he helped create the collection for the salon where he's based, "Shorty's Barber Shop", in West Hollywood. He's independently there in a private room. Typically he's got a terror of putting much in my hair for fear of weighing it down. ha! But we keep trying.

The line of hair product is called "Shorty's" and the product we used for me is the "Sea Foam" a medium hold, foam forming mousse for contrast, body & lift. I decided to buy it on the spot ($16.95 + tax). He handed it over to me with a worried look and a thrice repeated instruction to put it on BEFORE I dry my hair... Because if I do it afterward, it could possibly get more flat?

Usually, as all women know, we can only achieve that salon-looking style at the salon, no matter how easy our stylists claim it is to do at home. But the mousse is working great, really great. I'm so happy with the results - definite improvement in overall look and texture - and staying power for the full day too. Its not exactly big, but its better. Also smooth and appears thicker and more styled.

To quote a complimentary comment from my blogging partner, I now have,

"A golden river of hair".

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