Wednesday, May 27, 2009

featured blogger: style klutz

Frédérik, here, with another entry in our Featured Blogger series. (Note: this isn't going to be a regular Wednesday event. It's just that when we come across something we like, well, we just gotta mention it, like, right now.)

This week, I'd like to introduce you to Trace, self-described "Style Klutz" and the newest addition to the list of fantastic fashionistas we like. Strictly by coincidence given last week's featured blogger, Style Klutz ( is all about fashion and the curvy girl. In keeping with the ancient, time-honoured new tradition here at The Fashionoclast, I subjected Trace to the Dreaded Questions Three:

In a nutshell, tell us about Style Klutz.
Style Klutz is a blog that chronicles my adventures as a size 10/12, fashion-obsessed girl on a budget. I'm curvy, klutzy, and booty-blessed. I love clothes, but often have a hard time finding stuff that fits my body properly. I shop at Target, review gazillions of jeans, fall on my face - it's all there on Style Klutz. The readers are amazing, and the blog has truly blossomed into a place where curvy women of all ages can share information and support through posts and comments.

What inspires and influences your personal style?
Other bloggers! I love this little community we've created, and I love seeing what real women from all over the world are wearing on a daily basis. Learning tips and tricks, getting turned on to the latest sales, reading reviews - it's all inspiring to me. I've learned so much more from reading blogs than I've ever learned from any magazine.

And your plan for world domination is…?
I want to convince clothing designers to rid the world of waist gap in pants! And that premium denim should always go up to at least a size 32. And really, I just want Style Klutz to become an amazing resource for curvy women - a place to share information, styles, news, and reviews. Something that will help all of us in our quest to be comfortable and confident and happy. Thanks so much to The Fashionoclast for helping spread the word!

You're welcome, Trace!

So readers, after you've read the latest posts here at The Fashionoclast, how about mousing on over to Style Klutz?

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Aqua Catlin said...

Down with waist gap!!

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