Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fancy Pants

By Aqua Catlin

Well, I doubted it for a while but its clear that it's worth spending the extra money for good designer denim that fits. The final test came last night.

Recently I purchased a simple pair of jeans - now my fave, they're also the least fancy looking I have. They're my beloved new skins: Serfontaine's "Fox Boot Leg". (I have another great Serfontaine pair too but don't know what they're called.)

They actually look a bit like jean's I'd have worn in the late 80's, a mere "5 year old" of course ; ). By that I just mean they refreshingly referencing a simpler time in denim. Thank goodness. The seams are all completely top-stitched in a large white stitch and the hem is a full inch. Remember that? The belt loops also 3/4". Yet they still are easy and simple to look upon. Fresshh... Yet familiar.

Mine are a light blue hue without all the over-done wash and distress details, rips, tears and the ever hideous shreds from thigh to ankle that have saturated the market. urgh.
I've been overwhelmed by the dirty direction of denim. I'm not a mechanic and I don't want it. God. I guess I should show you a visual of the distressing distressed pieces that they're selling us, but I can't bear to search for another bit of threads on some B-list blonde.

They're amazingly comfortable, yet flattering - not loose, make my legs look long, (actually they're barely a millimeter from being waaaay too long - the things almost get caught under 4" platform heels), and one of the nicest things about them is the easy pocket detail. Its a contemporary detail, but not an event. Symmetrical, unique, simple, it directs the eye where it belongs: UP, around, away. See it here.

The point is, that even though they look simple at first glance, clearly, they're a well designed, quality product. The iron-clad test I refer to? Even my ex-boyfriend, a lost in the forest of fashion, misguided sweetheart who thinks a pair of sneakers (which all look the same to me) and cotton shorts is what we should be born and buried in, was impressed without my telling him to be. His taste in wardrobe may be questionable but his eyes are working! He made me feel great saying, "Look at your $600 jeans. They look so nice, they must be new." : ) Thanks, can I get you anything?! How did you know they were expensive when they're so simple? Because simplicity is elegant and elegance is lux.

Another plus: My hips and thighs aren't what they were in the 80's. They're more. But my waist is small - so, if it makes it over the booty, usually there's a couple inches of ease around the waist.... try to pull off the sleek look with this going on. However, the Serfontaine have just a little ease - no belt required. (Yes, JuanJo, I guess it's a good problem, you're good for a girl's ego, thank you!)

And as its a relatively new brand I will be tracking them and I hope they stay out of the trend market. I can't wait to fill my closet with them and feel comfy, sexy and unique.

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